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It's Independence Day, not the 4th of July (but don't be a snob)

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Happy Independence Day, everyone!  It's technically not celebrated as the 4th of July, but again that's a technicality.  So those of you that know that, don't be a jerk about it, Ok? :)


As for the rest of you, grill out, spend time with family and friends, be THANKFUL to God and country, and celebrate your tails off!


 Happy Independence Day!

Anna "Banana" Kruchten
HomeSmart Real Estate - Phoenix, AZ

Happy 4th of July to you Jeremy! Grill out is on our plan!  Add a pool and lots of fun pool toys and a margarita with friends and it's all good - real good!

Jul 03, 2015 05:20 AM
Dick Greenberg
New Paradigm Partners LLC - Fort Collins, CO
Northern Colorado Residential Real Estate

Hi Jeremy - It's good to see you - you have been missed in these parts. I hope you have a great Independence Day celebration!

Jul 03, 2015 06:26 AM
John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Jeremy - Happy Independence Day to you and to your family as well!

Jul 03, 2015 10:37 AM
Jeremy Wrenn
Winslow Homes - Youngsville, NC
VP of Finance, Winslow Homes

Thanks, Anna!  I hope your grilling went well!

Hey, Dick!  Good to see you again as well!  I have been so very busy, that even blogging has been a challenge!  I hope you are well, and that the celebration was good for you!

John, thanks for the comment and the well wishes!

Our family drove down to Washington, NC to see the Estuarium there (small museum), and even found some inflatable bouncey houses and such that were there for free.  Then we went to Bath, NC's first town!  And then road the Bayview-Aurora ferry across the Pamlico River, and drove through the world's largest phosphate mine.


It was a good day!

Jul 05, 2015 10:23 PM