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The Educational Radio Show Demystifying Buying, Selling, Refinancing & Investing Real Estate


A team of professionals in the Real Estate, credit and mortgage industry have created a roundtable forum to educate and demystify the home ownership process regardless of whether you are buying, selling, refinancing, or building your wealth through Real Estate.

We are committed to helping families and individuals - JUST LIKE YOU - find, qualify for and finance a home or investment property of their own...even the home of their dreams!  Often with little to no money down & less than perfect credit.


We are the Home Ownership Roundtable!  We will provide a solution to all of your home ownership, Real Estate investment, and equity management questions and issues.

Our insight and direction is always free!

Call us Toll Free 24 Hours a Day (888) 971-TEAM (8326).
Fax us Toll Free at (888) 971-8326
Email us at info@971roundtable.com





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