Happy 4th Of July

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I know what at least half of you are thinking.  The fourth of July brings Back memories of Independence day.

But seriously I came across this article by KC Kelly and thought I would be of interest so we all don’t forget why we celebrate this great day.  I hope you enjoy the read.


By KC Kelly Ph.D. 2010-07-02 13:25

The 4th of July is an extremely patriotic holiday that can be celebrated in part with Fourth of July quotes. The fourth of July is a day that we celebrate the independence of our country, the United States of America. People celebrate with family and friend gatherings, barbecues, parties, games, food, fun, festivals, parades, musical events and fireworks, and even celebratory quotes which help to but it is important not to forget the true meaning of the day.

Let us never forget the true meaning of the Fourth of July and what it means for our amazing country and the freedom we are afforded here in America, even if it is through Fourth of July quotes. So many take the freedom and liberty they are granted here in the United States of America for granted and forget the true meaning of the day. We may dress up in our nation's colors of red, white and blue, but do we know what the true meaning behind our flag is?

The Fourth of July is a time to commemorate America's declaration of separation from Great Britain that was made on July 4, 1776. Our freedom and our democracy that we have been blessed with is a direct product of the sheer determination from our forefathers who worked to establish the United States of America as a free country. Many of the Fourth of July quotes listed below will help share this.

One Fourth of July quotes, but also a serious quote as well is, "During the American Revolution, the legal separation of the American colonies from Great Britain occurred on July 2, 1776, when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence that had been proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. After voting for independence, Congress turned its attention to the Declaration of Independence, a statement explaining this decision, which had been prepared by a Committee of Five, with Thomas Jefferson as its principal author. Congress debated and revised the Declaration, finally approving it on July 4."

To view the Declaration of Independence Document, please click on the picture


Happy 4th of July

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John Pusa
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Shawn - Thank you, and Happy 4th of July Independence Day to you and to your family as well!

Jul 05, 2015 02:23 AM
Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Associate Brokers
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I noticed you haven't posted on Active Rain for a while and was wondering if all is OK?  Come back to the 'Rain!

Oct 30, 2015 02:38 AM