Attitude Is The Answer!

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               Attitude is the answer.  We live in a world of words… No matter what happens, we have a word for it. Some words mean a great deal to us… words such as Love, Happiness, Success, Achievement, Joy & Ability; but one word controls them all……. Attitude.


               If your attitude is good, you obtain good results; if it is excellent, you obtain excellent results...if bad, then bad results. If your attitude is “so-so”, your results are not but not good….they are “so-so”.


               Now, if you wish to test your own attitude, answer the question…”do you feel the world is treating you well?” If your reply is a quest “yes”, your attitude is good. If it’s no, your attitude is bad, and if you have trouble deciding… you need help!!


               The world is nothing more than reflection... a mirror of your attitudes. One of the most pitiful aspects of society is the large percentage of people who become discontented because of what they don’t have… while the truth is…that they don’t look at what they do have.


               The world doesn’t care whether we change or not. Some people succeed, some fail. Those with a healthy attitude go on…those without it become dissatisfied and wither away. “As you sow, so shall you reap”.


               It would be impossible to estimate the number of jobs lost, promotions missed, marriages ruined, all due to a poor attitude... all because people waited for others to change toward them instead of being big enough, wise enough.. To realize that we get back only what we put out.


               Sir Walter Scott once said, “Success or failure in an undertaking is caused by the mental attitude even more than by mental capacities”. In 30days you can change your little world… your environment…by a simple method. For 30 days you can change your little world…your environment... by a simple method. For 30days …treat every person you meet without exception…as the most important person on earth. You will find that they will begin treating you the same way.


               Live in a world for others...Not yourself…and you will find that you come out ahead. A generous attitude with a keen sense of humor is far better than any tranquilizer or psychiatrist’s couch.  



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Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

Some of us need to do some work on out attitude.

Have a great weekend. 


Oct 02, 2015 11:40 PM