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JV Partners Wanted For Above Average Returns In Non-Performing Notes

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Imagine A 26.25% Return In Four Months? 
Annualized 78.75% ROI???

​Our JV Partner, friend, and mastermind note investor, picked up this nice New Jersey Nonperforming 1st lien for $105,000, with $174,000 UPB, $190,000 total with arrears. The borrower had missed 8 payments, and it appears they had some type of hardship. 

They did not want to stay, so they agreed to a short sale. Two weeks later, the Realtor sold the property with multiple offers after listing it on the MLS. 

Sold for $180,000, so after cost of acquisition and $2,700 in fees and expenses, profit was $55,100 or 52.5% in four months. Split the profit 50/50 after return of principal, and that's a nice 26.25% ROI in four months! 

So now we have ten good looking Nonperforming 1st Lien Notes ranging from $10,000 to $60,000, and we are looking for Joint Venture partners who would like those kinds of returns. We do all the work, selection, due diligence, boarding at licensed servicer, workout, and disposition, you help us acquire them as our Private Investor. 

If you are a busy professional that does not have the time or inclination to learn all the mechanics of the NPN Note space, afraid the stock market is ready for a correction, and want to repair your 401k that is now a 101k, then contact us for more information on how we can work together to diversify into these above average returns. 

​Click here to see the Nine Joint Venture Deals we are currently working out.

There is no guarantee on the outcomes, however, when you are buying the notes for 20-60% of Fair Market Value, and eight exit strategies, we have many ways to exit profitably.

Please contact me for more information and our business plan.

Christopher Winkler
​The Note Whisperer
​Silverwood Capital, LLC

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