Low commission Real Estate Agent Riverside Ca

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Low commission Real Estate Agent Riverside Ca


        As a homeowner I would always look to get the best service at the lowest price regardless of what product or service I am looking for. When it comes to the subject of home selling most homeowners are looking to get a break on Broker commission fee's because, who really wants to pay $18,000 to sell their $300,000 house. On the other hand we have Real Estate Brokers and Companies refusing to to take a pay cut because they charge 5-6%, because thats the way that it is period! Both of which seem unfair to both the Brokers and Sellers. 

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    Why Real Estate Agents should be more flexible with commission Fees.

   With most things in life, as a purchaser we know what we are buying before we pay for it. In in the case of Selling your home, you must first agree to a price before actually seeing what exactly you are purchasing. Most sellers go based off who they like, instead of who can get the job done, here is a tip for everyone "hire the job not the person". If the person to get the job done is going to cast a little more then it's better to be safe than sorry. But what if the opposite happens? You pay more for a person who does not give the seller or their home the attention it deserves. Like everything else in life there is a solution to everything. What if  there was a way that a homeowner could know exactly what they are paying for before they agree to sign a listing agreement? 


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Riverside Real Estate Agent Leo Gonzalez Offers flexible commission fees for homeownes in Riverside California. IF you live in zip codes 92505,92503,92508,92506, Call Leo Gonzalez to set up your listing appointment today. 

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David Shamansky
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Its all about time and investment into the transaction. If its a tough deal that warranted a considerable amount of time and money to get this to the table then no they shouldn't reduce anything . However if its a 1 day to 1 week list and accept offer and close some consideration could be merited

Jul 08, 2015 07:05 AM
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