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First consider if you really need a FaceBook Business Page. You are not allowed to be ‘marketing’ from your personal FB page, but this business is about being visible, building relationships, and asking for referrals. You can do these things in a non-salesish way from your personal FB page.


If you are prepared to commit to a FaceBook Business page, be prepared to invest the time into it to make it a good page that will be interesting and useful to people. Make sure it is not just self-serving and an advertisement. (Nobody likes that.) 


Create a FaceBook Business Page


FaceBook Business Page Do’s and Tips


  • Create a content grid - this is a brilliant time management tool

  • Schedule the time to keep up with this

  • Make sure you adhere to the state advertising rules

    • Include “Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker”

    • Is the registered business name prominently displayed?

    • Have your managing principle broker review and approve your page. (And document this.)


  • Make sure your “About” section is fully filled out

  • Use a good photo of you and create a nice cover photo

  • Go through all settings for your page

  • Allow ratings and reviews on your page. Click here and follow the instructions.

  • Create a custom name for your FaceBook page. Click here and follow the instructions.   

  • Include links to your FaceBook Page (everywhere)

    • Email signature

    • Website

    • Other social media accounts (Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, About.Me, Google+, etc.)

    • Newspaper ads

  • Send out an invite to like your page

    • Use the “share” feature

    • Email

    • On your personal FB

    • Postcard

  • Create an ad

  • Understand that you can toggle between posting as you and posting as your business page

  • Like other pages (as your page)

  • Comment / like other posts (as your page)

  • Respond to people’s comments on your page

  • Post pictures (lots and lots of pictures)

    • Creative features of listed homes

    • Handing over the keys

    • On the job

    • Get creative

    • Invite people to tag themselves

    • Humanize your page

    • Tag people in the pictures to help them show up outside your page. (This can be a bit persnickety.)

  • Creative / engaging pages

    • Example: 365 Things to do in Vancouver

    • Goodlife Realty – innovator of the year

    • What else are you passionate about – food, hiking, music, your community…? Create a page about that.
  • Check out www.facebook.com/business 



Make sure you are utilizing all the other places people are landing. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 


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