You Have Very Little Time To Make A First Impression

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Both good and bad impressions are developed within seconds of an introduction.  From your appearance, your attitude or your professionalism, the importance of a good first impression is paramount to success. The same is true for Buyers looking at a home for the first time.  We all know curb appeal is what attracts Buyers to want to take closer look at a home, but be sure the impression is long lasting through the entire home tour.  There are couple of crucial things Sellers miss when placing their home on the market.  Don’t forget to change your air conditioning filters.  A clogged and dirty air conditioning filter may be a sign of poor maintenance and neglect.  Changing a filter is so easy to do and is essential during a home inspection. It becomes readily apparent during the initial walk-through of a home if the air conditioning grill is extremely dirty, it probably means the filter has not been changed and could mean trouble for your air conditioning unit. 


Another easy thing to do which will leave a good impression on perspective Buyers-clean the blades on the ceiling fans. You'd be suprised how big a difference this easily-missed chore can make on a Buyers' impression of your home. 


Buyers are looking for homes in move-in ready condition.  The cleaner and fresher the Seller can make their home, the better the Buyers will like it.

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