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Hello out there,

Well I thought I share a day in the life of living in Liberty Station.  It's rough, you wake up with an average temperature outside of 60 degree's (yes this is at 7am, not early.)  Then you roll over to the cafe and have a coffee, only to ponder your day (before yoga class.)  Then you decide its a great idea to watch the boats motor  by and God Bless our Troops move by on exercises to protect your Freedom (yes Freedom this is not Free.)  After this you go for  a bike ride around "Your Hood" only to see smiling faces and happy people.  Now you are thinking what about lunch?  Simple you can go to the market and buy fresh food and cook it in your amazing home, that you left your bike out front because no one will steal it.  Well now its nap time so you head down to the park (you walk there) and roll out your towel under a tree and relax.  Once you wake rested you check your phone and all your stocks are up double!  Time to sell!  After making massive profits you head to Stone Brewery (yes you rode your bike here.)  From  here things really start happening...


What's it like living here and getting the best VA loan?  Give me a call and I can help.


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