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This week has been horrible and it's only Tuesday!  My roommates and I got verbal notice yesterday and written notice today that we are getting kicked out of our house because they want to sell the place and that we have to be out in 30 days.  The kicker, we don't have a signed lease now.  My roommate and the landlord were supposed to sign another lease starting January 1, however, the landlord kept saying she was going to get it to us, have someone drop it by, and it never came.  My roommate and landlord had a verbal and written agreement (via email) that the new lease would start January 1, with the $300 hike in rent and the terms of the lease would be the same as they were previously (with 60 days notice to vacate). So, now, even though we have been paying the higher rent, the lease terms don't apply because she never sent one over.  So not cool!   It seems they were planning to put the house back on the market the entire time, but they just wanted to have the extra income for 4 months and wanted us to think we would be signing another year lease.  There has to be something legally wrong with this!  Seriously!  Unfortunately, my roommate did not save the emails and gmail deletes them after 3 months, so we don't have any written proof of their interaction...although I'm not sure it would help us anyway! Urg!  What do you do??? 

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