A Plea to Those Entering School This Fall...

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School's out for Summer

Over the summer, there are many changes that happen at each school across America. While the students and their families are enjoying their summer vacations, swimming pools and lazy days of summer, the Principals are budgeting for teachers and staff to meet the current enrollment. 

Last year we were thrilled to hear that our Principal was able to add teachers and get most of our classrooms down to 19 kids in a class. All the parents were excited to see the small class lists that were posted at our Sneak Peek the day before school starts. 

Parents were doing happy dances and the buzz about our great Principal could be heard throughout the school district. 

The First Day of School

When the first day of school arrived, dozens of families showed up in the front office to enroll for school. They wanted tours of the school and time to go and meet the teachers and principal. The front office had to address all these families and try to accommodate them. 

At the end of the week, class lists were sent home and most classes had several more students than they did at the Sneak Peek. Parents were surprised at the changes and wanted to to know what happened. Then the staff in the front office had a answer to all the parents who now had over 25 kids in their child's classroom. 

So this year, I'm making this plea to all the families who plan to enroll in a new school to do so NOW. 

Please enroll your students NOW

If the principals know about the additional students coming, they may be able to get an extra teacher at their school and bring the class sizes down. It's a lot easier to make these changes now, before school starts. 

If you are thinking about moving before the school year begins and are looking at considering the DC Metropolitan Area including Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC, give me a call to Get Started


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Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist
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Good Lord, How irresponsible of any parent to wait until school starts to enroll their child/ren. Add to that they want to tour the school and meet the teachers and principal.  Head Banger.  May your plea be heard and followed!

Jul 23, 2015 07:37 AM