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I had no idea that some of the best life hacks are done using dryer sheets! One great part of trying these tips is that you could try each one, and it still wouldn’t cost you very much at all. Let us know if you try them and how they work for you!

Best Life Hacks

  1. Do you have a dish or pan with food stuck in it? Fill it with water and put a dryer sheet in. Let it soak overnight. The next day your pan should come clean quite easily!!!
  2. Need an air freshener for your car? We know it is summer, and the smell of sweat can invade even the most polished person’s car. Instead of spending money on air fresheners, try sticking a dryer sheet carefully in your air vent (not deep down where you can’t get it out!). In my opinion very few things smell better than Gain anyway!
  3. Is static causing a bad hair day? Either put a dryer sheet over your brush and poke the bristle through then brush as normal, or just rub the dryer sheet on your hair.
  4. Do you have any hard water stains in your bathroom? I hear that a dryer sheet can take care of those too.
  5. Bugs getting into your trash can? Try putting some dryer sheets nearby and inside to help keep them away. Also, try putting them at the bottom of your inside trash cans to help eliminate odors and soak up spills too!
  6. If the gnats outside can’t get enough of you, put a dryer sheet somewhere on your body or clothes to keep those pesky things away!
  7. Are you getting tired of those dead insects sticking to the front of your car? No worries. Wet a dryer sheet, wipe slightly, wait a few minutes, then come back and scrub with the dryer sheet. Bugs be gone!
  8. Hate “dusting” but really just knocking the dust around from one place to another? Forget those dusting cloths and use a dryer sheet instead. The dust will stick to it, and you can throw it away when you’re done!
  9. Supposedly, if your scissors are getting dull you can run a dryer sheet over the blades, and they will start cutting better. Hmmm…
  10. Apparently not only can dryer sheets repel bugs but small rodents as well? If you have a room or place you are not in very often or that has had a problem with mice, leave some dryer sheets around to keep all the pests away and keep things smelling fresh!
  11. Have a spider problem in a bulding with rafters? If you can get some dryer sheets up there, you should notice fewer spider webs and nests.
  12. Have a problem with stinky feet? Putting a dryer sheet in your shoes can help clear the odor out and hopefully keep it away in the future too!!!
  13. Have you ever gotten vigorous with applying deodorant and found those yucky white marks all over your clothes? No worries. Wiping a dryer sheet over those marks should take them off and leave you looking fabulous again.
  14. Getting tired of all the pet hair hanging around your furniture and clothing? Take one of your handy dryer sheets and let it collect all of that hair for you. Then it’s easy to throw it right in the trash afterwards.
  15. Noticing a nasty ring around your toilet? Don’t gross out your guests. If you are brave and have a pair of gloves, use a dryer sheet to wipe that ring off. From what I have read, it seems that used dryer sheets work just as well as new ones.
  16. What is the best cleaner for your stovetop? I personally struggle to get stubborn food stains off the stove. After doing some research, a dryer sheet can clean up those stains as well. Who knew?!
  17. Have you ever done any painting? If so you know one of the most difficult parts of painting is the clean up, but if you don’t clean your brushes you won’t be able to use them for very long. Letting your brush soak in some warm water with a dryer sheet will draw the paint out of the brush. How great is that??
  18. I would try to create a catchy question for this one, but I know little to nothing about sewing. Supposedly, rubbing a dryer sheet on the ends of your thread will prevent it from tangling. Sounds good to me.
  19. Have smudges from precious grubby fingers on your windows or mirrors? Try using a dryer sheet to wipe them off if it is time to clean up.
  20. Want to keep that gym bag from turning people away? Leave a fresh-scented dryer sheet in it at all times.
  21. Ironing is most certainly not my favorite chore, but apparently a dryer sheet can clean your iron too! Actually iron the dryer sheet with the iron on low.
  22. For me one of the best life hacks…Have babies in diapers at your house? Before you throw that stinky diaper away, put a dryer sheet in it to keep the trash can in your house from having a bad odor.
  23. If you thoroughly enjoy the smell of Gain dryer sheets as much as I do, you can slip one in your pillow case to keep it smelling fresh all the time!
  24. Obsessed with having a home that smells fabulous? Stick a dryer sheet right in your toilet paper roll.
  25. Do you or your spouse do carpentry projects? If so you know that saw dust tends to fly anywhere and everywhere. A used dryer sheet should clean that saw dust up in a flash!
  26. Have a nice book collection on your shelf? Don’t let them start smelling old and stale. Stick a dryer sheet between some of the pages to keep your books smelling fresh and new.
  27. Everyone has laptops and TV’s in their home, and most people agree they are a total pain to clean. Use a dryer sheet to safely and effectively get rid of the dust and smudges.
  28. Ever walked in the kitchen to find your boys playing dump trucks in your flour? Teach them how to use a few dryer sheets to wipe and collect the flour and throw it away.
  29. Trying to knock out some disgusting smells from your carpet? After you clean up the mess, put a few layers of dryer sheets on top with some coffee grounds on top of that and let it sit for several hours. This should get rid of the stink completely!
  30. Sporting a nice, new pair of shoes but finding the squeaking is unbearable? Rub a dryer sheets over the soles to quiet them down quickly.
  31. Headed to the beach this summer but don’t want to bring the sand home with you? Wipe yourself down well with a dryer sheet before hopping in the car or the condo to make sure the sand stays outside!
  32. If your husband is as enthralled with survival information as mine is, he will find this interesting. Place a dryer sheet inside a toilet paper or paper towel roll tube, pinch both ends together, and you have your very own fire starter!
  33. Did you run out of cloths for your Swiffer sweeper? Just pull out one of your dryer sheets and put it on the end of your Swiffer instead. Then be amazed at how well it does the job!
  34. Are the soles of your feet not looking as great as they did in the past? Soak those tootsies in some warm water then rub them with a used dryer sheet to soften them right up. I haven’t tried this yet, but I plan on doing it soon!
  35. Do you have deer eating the plants in your garden or snacking on your fruit trees? Tie a dryer sheet on one of the branches of each plant or tree so you can keep that hard-earned food for your family!
  36. I don’t know about you, but I’m bad about cleaning my blinds. From what I have researched, if I rub my blinds down with a dryer sheet it will clean them up and help to repel dust for a longer period of time than normal. This way I won’t have to clean them again for awhile. Sounds great to me!
  37. You cannot imagine how excited I was to find out that lightly rubbing a dryer sheet over a crayon mark will remove it quite easily! Amazing!
  38. If you like to put plants in pots with holes in the bottom for water to drain out, stick a dryer sheet over the hole before filling your pot to keep the soil from washing out of your pot as well.
  39. Have you ever opened your dryer to find a sticky mess whether it was from stickers or labels or crayons? Scrub, scrub, scrub with a wet dryer sheet to make the sticky mess go away without ruining your dryer!

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Barbara - OMG, the list just goes on and on. I had no idea that dryer sheets could be used for so many things. I will have to try some of them out.

Jul 24, 2015 03:23 PM
Barbara Adamson
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Someone commented on our Facebook site and said they cleaned the baseboards with one a few nights ago, and it worked great! 

Jul 26, 2015 11:50 AM