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Unless you want to wake up to one of the most beautiful views of the mountains every morning and feel lucky to be alive, you might think about living somewhere else other than Colorado. Here are a few of the things that make Colorado among the top 10 fastest growing states.


Unemployment in Colorado is well below the national average, which may explain why people are flocking to the state. According to Colorado’s international trade office, the state is ranked second for private sector aerospace employment in the country. International firms have invested and built facilities in the state. Another reason not to live in Colorado unless you want to be employed, but then a job might get in the way of things like Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs.

Another thing Colorado has that those other states don't have is altitude. With an average altitude of 6,800 feet above sea level, it's among the highest states in the U.S. Recent studies have indicated that there are definite health benefits to living at altitude. If you look at people who live at high altitude around the world, incidents of most types of heart disease and stroke are much less. High altitude might also aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that human cells produce more leptin (the hormone that helps you feel fuller) when exposed to air that replicates high-altitude. Who would want to be a few pounds thinner by doing nothing?


Colorado has so many things to do hiking, skiing, biking, rock climbing the list is endless. All of this can get in the way of sitting on the couch enjoying your shows. After I visited Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs I couldn’t wait to go back again! Garden of the Gods is a designated National Natural Landmark with beautiful hiking trails and so much more. The Perkins family gave the land to the City of Colorado Springs in 1909, with the provision that it would be a free public park.







In 2014 home prices have risen an average of 11.1 percent. In 2015 inventory is low and in Northern Colorado it is a sellers market. The housing market is strong with home values increasing, which means you need to be prepared when you are looking to purchase a home. Have your financing in place before you start looking at houses and work with Realtors like The Stinnett Team who will be ready to show you houses as soon as they hit the market.


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