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Steve Brennan

     So today I sat down and had coffee with Steve Brennan, semi retired and working with the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation "GGHF"


     I assumed that this would be your typical sales call, Kidding, I really like Steve, but I did thought we were going to talk about some of the available roads and trails that I could advertise on in Gig Harbor.


     We talked and laughed for at least two hours before the pitch!  which, I had already decided that what ever the $$$, I was going to do business with this guy!!!!


      Today, Steve, reinforced something in me that I have know for my entire life.  Be true to yourself!  I have been in Real estate for 12 years and worn a suit for 10 of them.  I took a year off and decided to dress how I feel I should be dressed.


 Whoops, was going for the Hawaillian shirt look!


Ok, here is the look I was going for!



 Mother of God, there is something wrong with this program!!

Why in the H. E. Doublethoothpics did I download Windows 10!!!!



This is the Picture I want!



 This is why I fit in, because I look pretty dang good in a dress and everyone loves me!!!


Peace out People of the Harbor!!!


If you would like to learn something out Real Estate, possibly buy or sell a home, give me a call.


Brady, 253-720-3503,  Yes my company is here in Gig Harbor!!!!








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