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Are you looking for a quick sale on your current home? The uncertainty of the time frame in which a house may or may not sell is an ominous deterrent for some people. Although there is no one who can give you an exact number of days it will take for your house to go under contract if you choose to list it, there are several things you can do to help your home sell faster! Below I will give you some points to consider when trying to sell a house fast as well as give you some local market statistics and statistics from our team’s recently sold homes.


Price it right!!!

If you are truly considering selling your house and the “ Sell House FAST Henry County ” title caught your eye, you need to be realistic about setting the price. Look at what houses are selling for right around your house taking into account square footage, number of beds and baths, lot size, etc. A real estate agent can do a CMA report for you which is a comparative market analysis which uses the sale prices of homes around you to give you an idea of what price range you should think about listing your house in. If you would like for us to do one for you just fill in the information below. And don’t worry…there are no strings attached to your asking for a CMA report! Sometimes selling a home can be an emotional ordeal, and we understand that usually there are memories, time, and love represented in your home. However, when it comes to selling a house quickly it is important to stick with the facts and be willing to set a reasonable price. This does NOT mean that you have to give your home or that you cannot get what you should out of the sale! In fact, setting a competitive price can attract more than one offer which typically fetches a higher price for you AND helps your house sell faster as well!


Present it well!!!

It is so vital to remember that presentation is key when selling a home! Some buyers do not know how to look past dirt, clutter, toys laying around, or dishes and appliances covering the kitchen sink. The little things do matter so cleaning and organizing, painting the front porch, pulling some weeds, patching holes in the walls, and even making sure the house smells nice can go a long way in getting your home sold as quickly as possible! We recommend starting on the outside. Drive up to your home as if you were a potential buyer and determine what areas you would most like to see changed and where you can spend the smallest amount of money but make the biggest impression. Then walk into the house and take a tour while still in potential buyer mode to identify any areas inside that need your attention before putting the home on the market. We are not saying you should spend a lot of money, especially not without discussing any of your ideas with your real estate agent. Your agent should have the knowledge to be able to help you decide which, if any, updates he or she would recommend. Some updates really do not add value in terms of obtaining a higher sales price, and you do not want to do extra work for nothing. However, the ideas mentioned above such as organizing, adding some curb appeal, and “sprucing” up any cosmetic problems should cost little but could help you win big when it comes to receiving offers on your home.

Publicize it everywhere immediately!!!

Never underestimate the power of advertisement, whether it be direct mail postcards, a webpage specifically for your listings, Facebook ads, blogs, emails, signs, or word of mouth. Getting the word out about your house through as many channels as possible at around the same time can generate immediate interest from multiple sources, especially if you have listed at a great price! “Blast” is the word we use to describe putting out a new listing or blog post or important page to as many channels as possible as quickly as possible. When people begin to see advertisements about newly listed properties not only will they themselves takes the time to read the information and scroll through the pictures, but often they will tell friends they know who are looking for homes about your house. One of the advertising pieces our team at Adamson and Associates uses is paid advertising through Facebook posts. Many people share our posts with their friends who are searching for homes, or they will tag their friends in the post. Obviously, the more people that share and engage with the post, the more visibility your listing gets! As somewhat of a side note, good pictures are an absolute necessity when blasting your listing out to every possible advertising venue. Potential buyers want to see actual pictures, not just read words on a page, and if there are no pictures most of the time people will just skip over any advertisements without even reading them. Having your listing not only blasted to the public but to other agents as well can be extremely beneficial! Other agents who see your listing may already have pre-approved buyers they are working with who will be interested in your home.

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Pick a Professional!!

Choosing the right professional to help you with the home-selling process can be difficult because there are MANY to choose from. We encourage you to remember that you don’t have to choose the first agent you speak to about selling your home. You can interview as many agents as you want and find out a little more about their missions, visions, and values as well as what they offer you and what strategies they use to market you home and get it in front of as many people as possible, especially others agent and potential buyers. Below are a few suggestions of what to think about when choosing an agent. You can read more about this information here.

Choosing an agent with experience and a proven track record can be a huge advantage. An agent with experience most likely already has an established network of professionals that you will need when buying or selling your home. This network typically includes closing attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and possibly repairmen as well. It may be obvious, but you need an agent who will work hard and do their best for you! Someone who is less diligent will struggle meeting deadlines and getting you to closing on time. Also in today’s technology-based society, finding an agent who is computer savvy and uses a good deal of internet marketing should be a consideration. Another thing to think about is that in real estate transactions often there is some negotiation to be done, so you will need an agent who is kind and friendly yet can still be firm when firmness is required. Although there are many other qualities to consider, the last one we will discuss here is honesty. No one wants to be scammed or treated unfairly, so finding an agent who is trustworthy can be the difference between a pleasant real estate transaction and a terrible one.   Do your research when choosing an agent and ask for references, look at online reviews, even ask those agents you are considering for their previous year’s sales data so you can see for yourself how much experience they have.

Please be available!!!

If you want to sell your home fast you must be available and flexible! This should go without saying, but some sellers don’t realize how important it is to allow their home to be showed as much as possible. It is fine to ask for a few hours notice, but there will be times when agents have clients who want to see the house right away and they only call 30 minutes ahead of time. We understand sometimes showing in that amount of time is just not possible; however, doing your best to keep your house tidy and ready for showings can go a long way in obtaining a quick sale. Often when agents take their clients out to view homes, they set up several showings in the same day. Remember, if your house isn’t available for showing that day, the buyers could choose a different home without ever seeing yours. There are always going to be some times when a home cannot be shown, we just ask that our clients be reasonably flexible and available if they want to sell quickly.

Profit from feedback!!!

Feedback can be a touchy subject for some people, but we believe obtaining feedback is very valuable in the selling process. When our team lists a house and showing begin, we ask every agent who has shown the home to a client to provide us with feedback about the house. Agents will often give great insights such as what their clients loved about the home, what they did not like about the home, what they thought about the price, what repairs they thought may need to be made, what the overall presentation of the home was like, and even sometimes what the home smelled like (whether there was a pet odor or a clean, fresh scent). All of this information can be useful in getting your home sold if it used properly. For instance, if the majority of potential buyers who see the home say overall it is a nice house, but the carpet is old and stained then you could consider replacing the carpet or offering a carpet allowance. If many potential buyers say the home is cluttered and doesn’t present well then you could consider removing some unnecessary items and try doing some better staging. As you can see, being open to feedback can go such a long way in the sale of your home! Being willing to make small improvements or changes could be the deciding factor in someone choosing to send an offer on your home!


In Henry County in June of 2015 there were 225 sold listings. These listings were on the market for an average of 59 days, and the average sale price was $171,986. The highest sale price during this time was $558,600, and the lowest sale price during this time was $22,500. The total sales volume for the month of June in Henry County was $38,696,181. You can read more info about this here.

For our team at Adamson and Associates in the last 2 months we have had 6 seller closings with an average sale price of $207,000 and a list price to sale price ratio of 97.7%. The average number of days these six homes were on the market was 25.3. If you are looking for a quick sale on your home we believe we really can help you, and we hope these 6 points as well as the market statistics will be a valuable resource for you!

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If you are interested in buying a home here in Henry County, Adamson and Associates would be thrilled to assist you! If you need to sell a home in this area, I believe my experience in living and working here will give me an advantage in getting your home sold! Please contact me with any questions or needs you have! You can reach me by email at, by phone at 770.692.6706, or by Facebook message at

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