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I totally realize that most of what we se as a final report in TV has been dited to death, but this mornings report of how to sell your hom and add value was so skewed tat many sellers will be left expecting to do a little work for a lot of money. Once again, laying with the mins of buyers and sellers and just confusing them for us to clear up.

Here is the GMA report page

And this was my comment:

As a Realtor in Boone, NC (mountain country) and an Accredited Home Stager, SOME of what they discussed in this piece was interesting but most of the actual info was skewed. First, listen to your Realtor. Real Estate is LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL. A tree is more "valuable in Florida than it is in the mountains. Curb appeal is always the number one thing to work on but rather than actually add VALUE (a term Realtors can't use but is the actual term used by an appraisers) adding great curb appeal an get the buyer to walk inside. If you get the to the home and there is little or no or MINUS appeal, they say no thanks and don't even park the car. But plan your landscape. Talk t a friend who is savvy about landscaping or hire a landscape "person" or landscape architect to draw a landscape plan for you. You can do the most important items first and stretch that out over time. Now some might say hiring someone to plan the yard (curb appeal) is something they cannot afford, but you'd be surprised as how reasonable tis is. I took a Landscape Architect course and have a feel for curb appeal so my suggesting are pretty intelligent, and free to my clients. MOST realtors have a pretty good idea of what you should do to a home to improve the appeal. All you have to do is listen and decide what you can do and what you can afford. Simple is best.
Once they are inside, they are correct at GMA saying neutral is best, but NO ONE we have ever worked with likes white walls. I do agree that anything was better than that dreadful red room, but if you are going to paint go neutral, but select a color that is currently appealing. If taupe is not your "thing" try other light colors on the visualizer. Light gray's, for instance, are currently appealing to many folks.

 Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer

If unsure of what colors might look best in your particular room, Take a great straight photo of the room, like the kitchen with the honey cabinets discussed on GMA commenst, and download the photo on Sherwin Williams color visualizer. It's super easy to try out their colors in your actual room. Then pick three. Go get tiny samples of each and try them in the room. The lighting in YOUR particular room may be different than online so trying them out is just smart. The little samples cost less than $5.

FIRST: So first step, find a good Realtor (usually recommended by friends and family). Listen to him or her.

SECOND: Improve Curb Appeal first, then

THIRD: DECLUTTER. This was the best tip they gave this morning. Buy storage bins with lids. BE SURE to buy the bins that are clear so that you can see what is in them when your store them, move them and unpack them at the new place. 100 quart is a great size for most items. Each bin/bucket cost about $8 to $10 each. was to but refresh the interior. After the house is decluttered select and apply neutral paints. If rooms are fairly neutral, cleaning the walls might be all you need to do, but paint needs to "look" fresh. Hope this helps. Good luck everyone.


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Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®
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Interesting post...thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week ahead too!

Aug 03, 2015 12:19 AM
Judy & Allan Wagner
NextHome Mountain Realty - Boone, NC
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Thanks Kristin. TV education for clients often makes me crazy. The genera public hears the points so much differently than we do. Have a super day. Judy

Aug 03, 2015 12:25 AM