Oops! Are your credentials showing?

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Oops! Are your credentials showing?Coat of Arms

Modified from a previous post made elsewhere by "A Quick Note" 

     I recognize that there is a vast difference in the goals, aspirations, education, training and especially the abilities of the professionals who visit this and other similar sites. This seems to be a theme that runs through all such sites. I must say that the constant mindless chatter seems to be less here and that most of the ridiculous posts are being made elsewhere. While this is a benefit to those who enjoy Active Rain, it is also a detractor to the participation of others...because we are all forced to choose who we invite to the party.
     Back in the day, this was known as setting and having standards. Somewhere our society started calling this selection (now considered a dirty word) discrimination. The fact is that discrimination, if a character flaw, is one that each of us is guilty of. A word derived from the Latin "discriminare", which means to "distinguish between". We all choose left or right, right or wrong, paper or plastic every day we are alive. For my part, I've chosen to spend more time participating here [one of the few places I do] because I've found many of you to be so much like me.  You don't believe that free enterprise is a crime. You don't take yourselves too seriously. You really are quite smart. Sometimes, you lack confidence. Your hearts are sometimes too big. Your mouths are sometimes too big. Your heads are usually too big. Yep, I was discriminating in my choice. Why? Because I fit right in...


I feel that I must add, that my discriminating nature led me to you...I have been comfortable other places, but perhaps, have ended up here...that's a good thing!!


"A Quick Note"


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