Hooray for Spokane's Tree Lined Neighborhoods

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Hooray for Spokane's Tree Lined Neighborhoods! 


"Leafy, tree-lined streets aren't just good for property values; they may also be good for your health..." according to a news article written by Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times - Science Now and re-printed in The Spokesman-Review. Citing a study in the Scientific Reports she explains the various ways that tree-lined neighborhoods contribute to health and well-being.


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I love trees and I enjoy reading articles such as these. Plus, I like good news from reputable sources.   From a purely business standpoint, mature trees increasing a home's value is great news to homeowners everywhere. How much more welcoming it is to shop for a home on a shady, tree-lined street than a sunny house on a bare lot.  Trees also offer privacy and curb appeal. 


Spokane trees


The Spokane Conservation District is hosting a "Tree School" this Saturday at the Washington State University Spokane (Phase 1 Bldg.) Tickets are $50 to attend the conference for arborists, forest landowners and backyard gardeners.  Register at:  sccd.org/forestry.html

If you are not up to attending an all day event, you can  learn what trees to plant in the Spokane area, from the website of the Spokane Conservation District.  They are all about education and outreachSpokane Conservation District provides education covering the gamet of topics such as composting, water conservation, forestry and the like.  If you want to know more about this organization visit: http://www.sccd.org/background.html.

The SCD Fall Sale starts in August and the prices are very reasonable for trees and shrubs but they are seedlings.  It will be awhile until you see any shade from these baby trees so just consider it as an investment in your future.....um health!!


To view pictures of Trees & Shrubs suitable and popular for Washington homes and gardens, visit http://www.fast-growing-trees.com/Washington.htm.


If you are less of a Do-It-Yourself  type,  I recommend from first-hand experience, Scott Miller of Star Pruners. He is excellent and will help you select trees appropriate for your home by all criteria such as size, shape, color, foliage type, drought tolerance, impact on other plants, maintenance, as well as enhancing your home. 


If you have enough trees on your property but you are interested in tree planting and conservation, the Lands Council is a Spokane based grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the quality of life in the Inland Northwest. They work to protect public land as well as preserve forests, water and wildlife. 


Possibly Ms. Netburn's article will inspire you to appreciate the beautiful and many trees in urban forests in Spokane and your time doing some reading is well spent. Wikipedia: "Urban Forestry is the careful care and management of urban forests, i.e., tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment. "  Improving our environment is more than just a tired cliche pertaining to air quality. Surrounding ourselves with bountiful trees just makes life better.

Spokane is a city with many urban forests that change from season to season and neighborhood to neighborhood, and studies showing there are  additional  benefits is simply a bonus to living here. The Spokesman-Review article on trees and the associated health benefits is good reading.

Browne's Addition Spokane Urban Forest

Hooray for Spokane's Tree Lined Neighborhoods! 

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