How to Break Through to Your "New Normal"

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Believe it or not, I coined a new term.

They even named a movie after this term without asking my permission. But it’s true. You can even ask one of my coaching clients, Terry from Tulsa, who I was speaking with when I first uttered these fateful words:

“The New Normal”

Terry and I were talking about what was happening to her business. She was growing and stretching beyond what Terry ever thought she could handle.

She had more phone calls. More emails. More traffic than ever. But it was all necessary to get her where she really wanted to be, which was to retire within 10 years.

We called it her New Normal. That’s what we call it when you’re breaking through to a higher level – and deep down I think that’s everyone’s goal.

The problem is it’s not pretty.

If you want to really succeed you’re going to have to change what you do. If you want to sell more, you’ll have to do more outreach, schedule more calls and meet more people. Doing that doesn’t just take more work; it takes being able to manage more in the same amount of time.

And in the beginning you probably can’t do it well.

That’s why every breakthrough is dependent on your time management and organization. Truth is it’s a breakthrough IN your time management and organization.

That is how you achieve New Normal. You’ll be scrambling, juggling and probably dropping some balls. Because a breakthrough by definition is moving from what you have always been to something totally different.

How much power does it take to move a locomotive one inch? Ask Terry. She went from 4-5 listings to 6-7.

The New Normal doesn’t bring you more confidence. You’ll ask: How do I handle the pressure? How do I handle the lifestyle?

You have to have 4 breakthroughs to achieve a true, happy new normal.

In Time Management and Organization (…We coach you to perfect them.)
Skills (…We coach you to you build these.)
Attitude and Mindset (…We coach you in positive self talk.)
Set Goals and Motivation (…We coach you to help you avoid a breakdown.)

If you’re serious about finding your New Normal, find your first breakthrough. Choose what level of breakthrough you need most right now.

….And if you need help, tell us!

We look at your business, and ask you the right questions to help you find which of these levels to start building on. We do it really well, really fast, and make the whole process as painless as can be.

So you can retire early, like Terry.

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