Appraisal, Inspection, Assessment - Three words for one thing, Right?

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Owensboro, ky real estate"If there is something wrong with the house I am buying, the appraiser will find it, right?"


"What is the house appraised for?  You can look on the tax roll and find out, right?"


At least once a week I find myself clarifying the definitions of Appraisal, Inspection and Assessment.  Here are the differences:

1.  Appraisal

Appraisals are for lenders.  The lender requires an appraisal for three reasons:  1) to estimate the market value of a house 2) to make sure the house meets minimum property standards and 3) to make sure that the house is marketable.


2.  Home Inspection

The Home Inspector 1) evaluates the physical condition, structure mechanical systems and overall soundness of the property 2) identifies items that need to be repaired or replaced 3) estimates the remaining useful life of the major systems, equipment, structure and finishes


3.  Assessment

This is the value placed on your home by the local Tax Assessor, for purposes of determining a value to base your property taxes on.  In Kentucky when a property sells, your tax assessment is typically what you paid for it.  By law, properties are to be re-evaluated every 4 years to see if the assessment should be raised.  This is a very unreliable way to determine the actual market value of a home and should not be confused with the "appraised value"


In a nutshell:

Appraisal - Bank value

Assessment - Tax value

Inspection - Property Condition


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Steffy Hristova
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Appraisers will put conditions related to repairs, and they have to come back and re-inspect the property. It's usually good to make Buyers and Sellers aware that the re-inspection is an additional expense of about $100.

Great explanation of the terms and nutshell summary, Karen!

Aug 07, 2015 09:07 AM