3 Facts about Pittsburgh's "Secret" Housing Type

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patio with concrete slabsPatio homes are unique real estate options in Pittsburgh, yet many people are unfamiliar with this housing option.

That's because Pittsburgh's local listing service doesn't offer "patio home" as a search feature.

So if you're considering a townhouse or cluster home in Pittsburgh, you may want to consider patio homes. Here are three distinct characteristics you should know about this real estate option.

3 Characteristics of Pittsburgh Patio Homes

While patio homes are similar to townhouses in terms of low-maintenance living and comfortable living arrangements, patio homes are distinct from townhouses in the following ways: 

1. Offer a patio in place of a backyard

2. Less narrow and fewer stairs than townhomes

3. Found in Pittsburgh's unique patio home neighborhoods

Discover more about patio homes in Pittsburgh by visiting our website. 

Searching for More Information?

We specialize in helping home buyers discover Pittsburgh patio homes and finding a buyer for patio home sellers.

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I've never even heard of that term, thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

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