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7 Reasons Why Ramblers Rock

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7 Reasons Ramblers Rock

1. Most Ramblers are designed with a focus on back yard living with large patios and indoor/outdoor living areas.

2. The single floor layout is great for young families with small children, there isn’t a need for baby gates.

3. Boomer friendly, adults can stay in their home longer without the worry of stairs limiting their mobility making everyday living easier on joints.

4. Exterior is easier to paint and maintain. Outdoors windows are much easier to clean and you won’t need a tall ladder just to put up Christmas lights.

4. The design of a rambler is a classic design that doesn’t go out of style. A home is where most people have the single biggest financial asset and classic designs have resale value.

5. Neighborhoods with ramblers are usually in older established neighborhoods. There is something comforting about mature trees and that your neighbor moved in 1986.

6. Ramblers are casual, relaxed and friendly by design.

7. Single story homes offer a lot of design options and are easier to remodel than multiple story homes.

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Jack Tenold
Jack Tenold LLC - Spokane, WA
Specializing in Reverse Mortgages

Hi Joe,

Having lived in one I know first hand that all you say is true! My mother stayed in the home until she passed away.  No stairs...it was great.  A reverse mortgage helped pay for the care she required in order to keep her in that home.  Lots of ramblers were built in the 60's in neighborhoods all over Spokane.  They are never on the market very long before a buyer comes along who wants a home with just those attributes you listed in your blog. 

Aug 12, 2015 06:42 AM