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Orlando FL NPN 1st Lien JV Opportunity – 60% Possible ROI?

Mortgage and Lending with Silverwood Capital, LLC

Looking for a Joint Venture Partner or Private Lender to help us acquire this good looking 3/2 SFR in beautiful Orlando, FL for $$31,995 or 63.99% of $50,000+ FMV.

Florida properties are appreciating well, and this is in line with what we pay for other NPNs in Florida. I also hear Florida might have some hardest hit funds left to help pay down the UPB of $85,588.73.

Average rents are $953, so their payment of $700 is much less, and we will focus on keeping them in their home and paying off the note.

Florida notes do not last very long, so please contact us if you need to bring your 101k back to a 401k or you have pulled out of the roller coaster stock market before it comes down & have anxious funds to put toward a solid real estate opportunity.

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Christopher Winkler
​The Note Whisperer
​Silverwood Capital, LLC

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