Flat fee MLS listing in Amelia Island - Nassau County now available at ADDvantage®, a licensed Florida flat fee MLS listing service

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Flat fee MLS listing in AMELIA ISLAND - NASSAU COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is now available at ADDvantage®, a statewide licensed flat fee MLS listing service.

Great service and commission savings are now being offered to Amelia Island and Nassau County flat fee MLS sellers. Jacksonville residents know and trust the ADDvantage® brand of discount MLS and now our legendary 8:00-8:00, 7 days a week live concierge service can help you sell your Nassau County home and save 3% commission.

Flat fee or flat rate MLS listings simply save the seller about 3% commission. Here is the math:

On a $500,000 home:

Full service: $500,000 x 6% = $30,000

Flat Fee: $500,000 x 3% = $15,000

Savings: $15,000

But, with any offer, there are risks and flat fee MLS listings come in many shapes and sizes. Here are my top 5 things you need to do to be successful selling flat fee MLS in Nassau County:   

•1) The flat fee MLS listing agreement: Be super careful before signing any flat fee listing agreement. The biggest concerns are: (a) Buyer leads from Realtor.com, Homes.com and your yard sign. Make sure the flat fee listing agreement clearly spells out that the seller gets all these leads, not the listing broker. Otherwise, you will not be successful selling By Owner; (b) cancellation fees: Make sure there are no cancellation fees (such as $500) if you want to cancel your flat fee listing before the listing term is up: (c) Make sure the listing agreement says you can "cancel" not "conditionally withdraw" as some listings state...this is a trick because a "conditional listing withdrawal" means no other agent can list the property until you pay the $500 "get-out-of-jail" fee; (d) Hours of operation should be stated in the listing agreement.

•2) Hours of operation: Flat fee listings are not simple to manage. There are changes and edits made by the seller. Realtors® call at all hours for showing instructions. Buyers email and call for more information. If your listing broker isn't reliable, you will lose showings.

•3) Buyer Leads: Find a Nassau County flat fee MLS broker that will send all "unrepresented" buyer leads from Realtor.com, Homes.com and other Internet websites directly to you. Some flat fee services don't clearly say in their listing agreement or website where buyer leads go.

•4) IDX feeds and Marketing: Make sure the MLS listing broker has enabled all their IDX feeds so that all Realtor® websites can display your listing. This is very important because websites such as coldwellbanker.com, remax.com and other prolific websites are often searched by prospective buyers.

•5) Support: All our flat fee MLS programs come with 8:00-8:00, 7 day a week live support. Our best support comes from ADDvantage PlusTM, our contract to close flat fee MLS plan. It costs $799 plus $500 at close. Plus does everything for the seller but show the property. If you can lockbox the property, then ADDvantage PlusTM offers everything that a full-service listing offers and you'll receive more service. Please read my blog "Is a $169 flat fee MLS Listing a safe way to list a Florida home?"

Please check out our innovative and effective Florida flat fee MLS listing plan.


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Something is wrong with that math.  If 6% of $500,000 is $30,000 how can .3 be $15,000?  0.3% is $1500.00, not $15,000.00.


Apr 17, 2008 01:28 AM