How to Save Water and Increase Your Home's Value

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No one wants to waste water as it is a vital natural resource that we cannot live without. Water can also be expensive if used in large quantities, which means that wasting water may translate to wasting money as well. Therefore, it is important to know what you can do to ensure that you aren't using more water than necessary.

Install Energy Efficient Appliances and Fixtures
Water Efficient Shower Head

You can improve your water budget by replacing your current water heater, dish washer or toilet for models that use fewer gallons of water each time they are used. You may also consider using your dish washer once every other day instead of once daily or taking shorter showers to conserve the amount of water being used. If you do decide to replace your toilet, make sure that you buy a model that doesn't require more than one flush to clear the contents into the sewer system.

Check Pipes and Other Fittings for Leaks

A leaky pipe or a leaky faucet could be the culprit behind your unusually large water bills. Tightening loose pipes or replacing them altogether can stop moisture from escaping before it reaches its intended target. Not only will you use less water, but you may also reduce the risk of mold or pest damage due to standing or pooling water. If you are having trouble determining the source of a leak, you can run a flashlight where you suspect that the leak may be. The light should reflect off of the water and make it obvious where the repair needs to be made. 

Add Timers to Sprinklers 
Impact Sprinkler

If you want to keep your lawn looking green and the plants well fed throughout the summer, you may use your garden hose or sprinkler to deliver water to them. For those who cannot be home everyday to water the lawn or the flowers, it may be useful to use a timer to deliver the same amount of water each day. At a designated time, it will start to operate for a specified number of minutes and will stop after that time has elapsed. This can control your water usage while ensuring that your outdoor landscape is as beautiful as you want it to be. And it's easy to do yourself.

Make Sure the Water Pressure Is at a Proper Level
Faucet Water Pressure

You will always use more water in the home if the water pressure is low. When you turn on the faucet, it will slowly drip instead of coming out in a strong flow. The toilet will take several efforts to flush while taking a shower could take 30 minutes or more due to the lack of available water to wash with. While you may be able to adjust the water pressure on your own, it may be something that a trained professional may need to help you with.

A home that has modern appliances and is minimizes water usage is a valuable home. When it gets put on the market, the new buyers will love that they will have one less issue to worry about when the move in. As a homeowner, you win too because you will learn valuable skills that can save you money in the long run. 
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