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FREE Markham Power Of Sale Real Estate Seminar!

Seminar Location: Markham, Ontario 

Date: Saturday September 19, 2015

Time: @ 10:00 am

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Our FREE Bank Foreclosure/Power Of Sale Real Estate Seminar Will Teach You How To:

Purchase a house or condo with *zero down payment.

How to move from renting to first time home owner to Real Estate Investor in as little as 3-5 years.

Learn how to save up to *$10,000 on your next move.

The top 5 mistakes that could hurt any bank foreclosure / power of sale or distress sale home buyer.

How to purchase condos and homes for 10 – 30% below market value.

How to reduce fear and increase confidence thru successful strategies!

How to take advantage of special incentives available to first time home buyers.

How to avoid buying the wrong house / condo.

About first time-home buyer government programs.

Who should be on your Real Estate team?

About the steps involved in buying a Bank Foreclosure/ Power Of Sale and Distress Sale Property.

Secrets To Purchasing Bank Foreclosure/Power Of Sale Properties.   

How to avoid over paying for a house / condo.

Learn how to get access to new listings quickly.

What are the best ways to obtain a mortgage?

How to impress a mortgage agent / bank and get them to work very hard for you.

How many types of mortgages are available? 

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Power Of Sale Guide Workbook:

* Get A Copy Of Our Workbook "Power Of Sale and Distress Sale - Home Buyer's Guide For Newbie's."


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