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Signs are among the most effective and commonly used marketing methods that real estate agents use. These may be used to announce homes that are listed for sale, to showcase special features in the home, to advertise an open house event and for various other purposes. While there are several different types of materials that are commonly used to make real estate sign boards, corflute is among the most common. 

What is Corflute?
Corflute Board

Corflute is used to make real estate signs commonly because of its unique properties and its relative affordability in comparison to other materials. Corflute signs for real estate are comprised of two Polypropylene sheets, and they are often used for outdoor marketing purposes because they are both lightweight and water-resistant. Real estate for sale signs generally must be impact-resistant, strong and durable. Many will be placed inside yard signs, but others will be placed on stakes. They may be exposed to the elements and other forces for many weeks at a time. While these real estate for sale signs must be strong and ideally lightweight, they also must be affordable for agents to use. Some agents will use the same signs repeatedly, but there are instances when customized signs must be created for a specific event or purpose. 

How to Use This Type of Real Estate Signage
For Sale Sign

The most common ways that this material is used is for real estate agents for sale sign boards. These may be placed in the front yard in front of each of your listings, and they may also be closed at corners of major thoroughfares near your listings to direct traffic to the home for sale. Some properties may be located on a street that receives a significant amount of traffic, others may be off-the-beaten path and may not be seen by many passersby with normal traffic. In addition to these ways to use real estate signage, a real estate sign board may also be used to announce an open house, and other signs may be placed along busy streets for a few hours leading up to the open house event and throughout the event to encourage home seekers to stop by the home. A smaller sign board may be attached to a larger sign to announce unique things about the property. For example, they may announce a price reduction, a swimming pool, a newly remodeled interior, an over-sized lot or various other features that may make the property more desirable to those who pass by the home. 

When You Place Your Order

There are several important points to keep in mind when you are preparing to order a real estate sign board. For example, for sale signs in real estate should include your real estate firm's logo and name as well as the real estate agent's name and contact phone number. If possible, the real estate website URL or other important contact information should be provided. This will be information that gives those who are interested in the property an easy way to learn more about the property. The size and shape of the sign are also important. There may be rules regarding signage in your local area, so take time to learn if there are size limitations that you must comply with before placing your order. Then, consider the ideal font size and color scheme that makes it easier for passersby to see the sign as well as to read the information on the sign quickly.

How to Ensure Your Signs Are Visible 
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A real estate sign is simply not effective if it is not visible and easy to read (you can read more about visibility at Reichert's Signs post here). Passersby may be traveling at a decent rate of speed and may be focused on the roadway. You may only have a second or two to catch their attention with your sign and perhaps another few seconds for them to fully read and absorb what the sign says. For signs that are placed on major thoroughfares that are relatively busy, that have limited visibility from farther down the road or that have a higher speed limit, consider steps that you can take to attract attention quickly. For example, tying balloons or twirling spinners can be effective. You can also stagger or cluster multiple signs together to make them more visible. In addition, a real estate sign should have only the most relevant information needed so that it can quickly be read and absorbed. On an open house sign, for example, one sign may announce the day and hours of the open house as well as the address, but others may simply include the company's logo, the open house announcement and an hour that indicates which direction passersby should turn to reach the open house. There may be multiple directional signs used to guide traffic on the right path to reach the listing. 

Corflute is an affordable material that is easy to print on and that is ideal for outdoor real estate marketing purposes. By understanding more about the different properties of this material, you may decide that it is a preferred material over metal and other materials that may be used for outdoor signage. Before you finalize your order for corflute signs, take time to consider their placement and purpose. This will help you to determine the right size and shape as well as the information that should be printed on each sign. Most real estate agents will benefit from having multiple signs prepared for repeat use as well as special signs that are ideal for one-time use.
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Great posting. Each city has its own requirement on size, location, Many need a permit.

Thanks for posting.

Sam Shueh

Aug 16, 2015 01:58 PM
Joe McCord
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Thanks for pointing that out Sam Shueh . It does seem that every city does indded have it's own requirements, so readers should do a search for their own city before putting anything up.

Aug 16, 2015 07:36 PM

Love your signs. Keep shring, Am waiting.

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