Buyer Etiquette for Real Estate

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#1. Shopping vs Hunting: Understand the difference. Shopping is a pleasurable activity done with no time frame and for one's own enjoyment. Shopping for homes can be done online, through real estate periodicals, or at an Open House. Hunting is goal-oriented and has a time limit. A Realtor will guide you through the hunt and fight to the death (so to speak).


#2. Respect others' time and work. Your real estate professional is a busy person who has likely spent at least an entire day setting up a showing schedule for you. This process requires finding homes that meet your criteria (and that you can afford), then either trying to get in touch with the listing agents (who are also busy), or scheduling a time to kick the Sellers (who are also busy) out of their homes so that you can view them. When you ask to see homes you can't afford or have no intention of actually buying, this is an inconvenience and a huge waste of everyone's time.


#3. Your Realtor is a professional fighting for you-not your buddy. Your real estate professional is there to get you the best deal possible. Do not be surprised or offended if they give you advice you don't want to hear. It's in your best interest!


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