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Hi all,

I wanted to share an experience that I just had over the weekend while volunteering for a major event within the area for which I am targeting. (I did submit a blog about this event, but it is lost somewhere in no man's land. ) Many of you know that this weeks Accenture Match Play Golf Championship is being hosted in Tucson, Arizona. Since, the Gallery Golf Club where the championship is to take place, is in the territory I am working I decided to become involved. I do not know much about golf, but I do know that some pretty important people would be attending this event and the functions associated with it, so I wanted to be there. The important people I am referring to are not the players, but the residents and decision makers of this area known as Dove Mountain. So, I signed up to volunteer on 2 committees: the volunteer party and supply and distribution.

As I was driving to the volunteer party, I took notice to all the different road signs and officers posted by the road. All of a sudden I began to get a sense of excitement. I couldn't believe how much work had been put into this event. Well, this was just the beginning. I got to the foothills of the Tortolita Mountain range and took a slight curve to the left only to see huge, white tents with flags posted on them everywhere. The golf course looked more green then ever and the multi-colored flags flying in the air were wonderful. I became overwhelmed with excitement and awe of the work put into not only the event, but the community it's self. Workers and volunteers a like, came together to built these event tents and set up this course and it was huge!

By the time I got to the party it's self I was elated. And better yet, I was assigned to sign people in to the party and tell them all the drinks they wanted were on the house! Yeppie. People were happy to be there and were open to talking and joking when other wise they might not have been. As a "meeter and greeter", I was able to introduce myself to people whose last name began with an 'L' through 'Z' or anyone who was just confused. I was able to joke and play with people like I haven't in a long time. Knowing very well that I will run into them again and quite possibly in the Dove Mountain community. After signing people in, I was able to join my co-worker and the people I just met. I remained sober, not only because I was driving, but because I was watching others hav e fun. And as  a result, so was I. Plus, I now have some ice breaking, conversation starters just in case some don't remember me. Which is possible.

I am to this day excited about the people I have met and the investment that I made to the Dove Mountain community from a business perspective. I will be working the tournament for the next week and have even more opportunity to meet and network. There were over 400 people at that party and while I didn't meet all of them, I certainly did meet a lot. In one days work, I mixed and mingled with my target community and demographic. This would have been difficult to do if I were going door to door as the Dove Mountain community is segmented between an active adult community and single family residences. In addition to all the above listed networking, I came away with a deeper attachment to the community as a result of the wonderful people I met on that day.

Long story - short: Become involved in your desired communities. It will not only bring more business for you. It will bring you more relationships and a deeper appreciation for the community and it's residents.

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Kim Murray
Windermere Real Estate - Tucson, AZ
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Feb 20, 2007 03:10 AM