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The Legacy Group isHAPPY to announce a new mobileAPP that allows home buyers to search for real, up to the minute, live MLS listings. The app is called “Home Scouting” and is aFREE home finding service provided directly to consumers by Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc, a licensed brokerage services company.


Whether you’re ready to buy a home or just browsing, you’ll want to take advantage of theFREEHome ScoutingAPP. This convenient app makes findingYOUR dream home fast and easy. Home Scouting provides you with 100% of theACTIVE MLS listings, unlike some other public home search websites and apps. You receive the most accurate informationAVAILABLE and with Home Scouting you can:


·         View every MLS listing

·       Schedule a home showing

·         View sold home information

·         See detailedSCHOOL district boundaries and information

·         Never have your information sold

·         Direct turn by turn navigation to and from any listing

·         Search on a FREE,PRIVATE, password- protected,MOBILE app


Instructions for downloading include:


1.      Go to the Apple Store , or Google Play for Androids

2.      Search “Home Scouting” (Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc).

3.       Download “Home Scouting”APP

4.       Enter VIP Code: 817 913 5556

5.      FinishSIGNING UP

6.      START searching!!



Some of the benefits of thisAPP are that it allows you to search for any Kennedale TX Properties for Sale that is currently on the market. Unlike some other real estate websites , these listings are exclusive to you and not sold to the highest bidder. Every listing is live and up to the minute you will never get a listing that is already sold or no longer on the market. This app helps you find a property inYOUR specified area. Home Scouting allows you to search for Kennedale TX Properties for Sale with any house prices that you may be looking for.


FOR MORE INFORMATIONabout the City of Arlington, visit the CityWEBSITE at and the Chamber of Commerce websiteat 


For more information onSIGNING UP for Home Scouting, pleaseCONTACT Joy Bates, Senior LoanOfficer, NMLS#243437 at 817-860-3232, visit or email her at



The Home Scouting Report ® (HSR) is aFREE home finding service provided directly to you as a homebuyer by HBM2, a licensed real estate brokerage services company.  The Loan Officer’s role is toassist in determining a comfortable home priceRANGE for HBM2 to use when it is searching for property listings withinYOUR SEARCH criteria. The Loan Officer is neither an employee of HBM2, nor the provider of the HSR. ©2015 Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM2)

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