5 Common Craigslist Mistakes All Real Estate Agents Should Avoid

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Craigslist can be a great vehicle for listing promotion and lead generation. In order to take advantage of the benefits, you need to make sure you're following best practices and avoiding Craigslist posting faux pas. For the best possible results with your Craigslist real estate marketing, avoid these 5 common mistakes.


5 Common Craigslist Mistakes All Real Estate Agents Should Avoid:


  1. Failure to provide important information in the headline text:

    You need to remember four things - location, location, location and price. Potential buyers are going to be most interested in where your listing is and what it costs, so make sure your headline highlights the neighborhood and your price info is fully filled out.

  2. Neglecting to provide photos or providing low quality photos:

    Having no photos makes your listing appear spammy - and not being able to see a property can lead to a waste of a potential buyer's time - as well your own. All in all, no photos is a big no no. Make sure that you not only have great photos, you include the 5 photos homebuyers have agreed are the most important.

  3. Using poorly formatted templates:

    Nothing looks worse than a poorly formatted Craigslist ad where the links and photos don’t line up. Poorly formatted Craigslist ads will take the attention away from the property. If your posting is hard to read, viewers may get frustrated and move on to the next ad. Make a point to focus on your layout and create a professional, attractive ad that is highly visual for maximum lead engagement and generation.

  4. Providing too much information:

    Don’t provide so much text and so many photos that buyers feel like they have already seen the property. Instead, provide just enough information to create intruigue and make buyers want to see the rest of the property.

  5. Getting ghosted:

    Some agents believe posting one ad is good, then posting 20 ads is better. While posting multiple ads can be a good strategy; posting  all your properties at once can backfire big time.

    Be strategic the way you post on Craigslist and be sure to spread out your posts throughout the week. Also be careful not to post identical content. Doing so will increase your risk of getting ghosted or flagged.


Focus on creating unique and original content that will attract users to click on your ad. Generic ads may seem “spammy” - thus turning away potential leads. Follow these Craigslist best practices to engage potential buyers and generate buzz about your listings.

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Ronald DiLalla
Century 21 Discovery DRE 01813824 - Anaheim, CA
No. Orange Cty Real Estate

Good morning Jessica,  All those agents to look at Craig's List shoudl adhere to your  list of mistakes to avoid.    Tks for sharing.

Sep 10, 2015 03:31 AM
Chris B Johnson REALTOR®
Allison James Elite - Moorpark, CA
5 Star Rated REALTOR® Quality, Not Quantity

thanks for the Best Practices Craigslist Guide :)

Sep 10, 2015 04:38 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Las Vegas, NV

Hello Jessica ... interesting post, I don't do much posting on CL and just wondering why you haven't posted in a while?

Feb 12, 2016 04:57 AM