Welcome Back UWSP Students 2015 - The LRC aka the Library

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Welcome Back UWSP Students 2015 - The LRC aka the Library

  This is the place that all serious students should be familiar with.uwsp

  When I first arrived at UWSP over 30 years ago my favorite place here was the natural history museum on the ground floor.  I soon discovered that my grades were to survive I would need to use this place as a way to hide from my friends and the distractions that kept me from studying before the big exams. 

My best study place was a private study room on the fifth floor which was private for a while until a few of my friends discovered where I was hiding and they came here to study too, luckily visiting was limited by noise rules in the library.



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Nicholas Crane
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Thanks for sharing these reports, our clients gain value from of this type of information.


Mar 28, 2020 11:22 PM