Extreme Importance of Your Product's Packaging

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For most of the real estate industry, brand is everything and part of branding is how you package your material.  Packaging is one of the most important factors that will make or break the success of your products.  Careful attention must be implemented toward how you package your products. Packaging is extremely important because it’s first thing your customer sees. How your product is packaged will determine whether or not the product will catch the eye of your potential customer.

Every little detail matters. Details are what differentiate you from your competitors, which is why extra attention toward how your packaging looks and feels will help your business tremendously. Cartoning companies like Econocorp, Inc. understand this and provide the level of quality professional businesses seek in the packaging industry.

Here are some important things to consider when you package your products.


How durable will it be?

Durability is one factor you should look for when packaging your product. You want the packaging to withstand shipping and be resistant to all sorts of temperatures. Make sure it isn’t too fragile. If it isn’t durable, you’ll be facing issues with a lot of damaged goods, potentially making your customers angry.

How safe is it?

Make sure the materials you use doesn’t violate any environmental standards. Plenty of products have been recalled because of toxic materials in them (the recent foam ban is an example of this). You don’t want to risk a potential lawsuit because you’ve neglected to make sure that the stuff you’ve used in your packaging is safe to use.

How convenient is it?

Remember those extremely hard to open plastic packages that housed certain products? Even your teeth couldn’t rip them open. Make sure that your packaging is easy to open. The last thing you want to do is have your competitors get more money because your product was hard to open and difficult to get to.

What’s the shelf life?

This is a no brainer. Increasing the shelf life or how long your product will last will lead you to happier and more satisfied customers. That also allows you to hold your inventory for a longer period of time. Try to find ways to increase the longevity of your product.

Does it give off the right message?

This one is a bit vague, so let me explain. When someone picks up your product, they make a split second decision about whether they’ll buy it or not. Your packaging should contain all the available information needed for your customer to make an informed purchase. Having the right design will allow you to convey your message more effectively. If you’re selling box cutters, you want to know why your customer should purchase them. What are you advertising? Quality? Price? These are some things that you should consider when developing your product.

When you take all these factors into consideration, you now have the making of a good product. Having your item stand out from anyone else’s will allow you to increase your sales dramatically. Remember to consider convenience, safety, your message, shelf life, and durability of the product. Don’t neglect proper packaging, since it’s probably the single most important aspect in selling your product.

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Stefan Winter
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Great detail, does not matter if it is a product or your service. Always see how the customer or client will see it.

Aug 26, 2015 10:51 AM