Not Making Money in Real Estate? It Might Be Your "Sales Pitch"...

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Sales Pitch

Sometimes the difference between winning a listing agreement and losing a listing is your sales pitch!

Today I completed a video for a client. We pitched a property management firm on partnering with my client to provide his investors property management services, once my client's firm completes renovations. The video turned out well! Let's see if we get the deal!



Think of how you can use video in your sales pitch. Maybe send all new contacts a video of you, introducing yourself. Maybe after leaving a listing appointment you stop at the grocery store outside of their subdivision and shoot a quick 20 second video stating "I really enjoyed your company today and I look forward to helping you sell your home!"

What do you think you can change or add to your sales pitch to increase your marketing ROI?

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Michael Oden

New Horizon Financial Services, LLC

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