Water Wise in SoCal... So what to do?

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If you haven't heard yet - California is in a severe drought - and I mean it, this one we are really feeling, between only watering 2 times a week - a challenge when the mercury hits 110 more often, keeping a yard looking like it is fresh, is harder. 

We are bombarded daily with news of big savings, and not so much savings in some affluent areas... Oh well. 

What comes to mind is, what else can you do? What can I do and how do I keep my veggie garden going (hey, I like my fresh tomatoes, thank you very much). 


I asked my kids to come up with some solutions... And ingenious they are indeed. 

They like to pick tomatoes and strawberries, but the twice weekly watering schedule we are on now, makes for meager results on a good day. 

So, here's one idea, courtesy of a couple of kids: 

Bucket and Watering CanGet a bucket, any bucket will do - this one seemed to hit the right tone (thank you Home Depot) and then we saw this nice watering can, which is good for not drowning plants. 

Where does the water come from? 

My kids kindly pointed out that everytime we come home from soccer, or any other activity for that matter, we are emptying water bottles down the sink (Daddy, can we water the strawberries with that?). 

Next, a very astute observer pointed out that I like to run the show the shower for a few minutes until the water is hot... 3-4 gallons there... 

Now we save some water everyday and we can water our veggies and flowers with that, everyday - although we only run our irrigation twice a week. 
Way to go kids for being water wise!

Next up - Maybe it is time for Daddy to get working on the drought friendly yard and get rid of some of that sod, which really doens't belong in Southern California to start. Until next time! 



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Here is Colorado we are perennially short of water. When you put your mind to it, it is amazing all the little ways you can save water. 

Sep 04, 2015 03:01 AM
Tanya Van Blake-Coleman
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It's interesting to see how different states deal with a variety of water issues including shortages. Here in the Virgin Islands most homes have water cisterns which collects rain water. Not applicable in a desert area that doesn't get too much rain but good eye for your kids for spotting ways to use previously wasted water in your household! Have a great day!

Sep 04, 2015 03:40 AM