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First to note that Labor day was made to celebrate the work of Unions that helped form a fair work-week and fair pay.  - - - And you thought the long weekend was only for campers & retail shoppers!  It's true I need to find a great deal on a dishwasher for my home this weekend - but it will have to happen between open houses and football.  


I was in a class the other day and they asked, "when do you rest?"  Some Realtors say they never take time off.  Others say they try to take one day off in the middle of the week.  Others say Sunday.  I gave it some thought and have finally come to the conclusion that I do not have a full day of rest.  Oh sure, I may stop marketing or reading emails long enough to go to dinner with the family, but before I go to bed or quite possibly on the car ride home from the restaurant, I'm checking my emails and returning calls as needed.


Realizing that makes me think "what the ...heck!"  I really DO need and deserve a day off.  Not just an annual vacation, but a REAL day off once a week.  ---- And then I quit typing long enough to realize that if I take a day off, that means there will be twice as many emails to get through tomorrow.  Or that needy client would be mad if I didn't return her call immediately.  Really?  People!  


OK, so next you tell me, I need to set the expectation with clients.  "Mr. & Mrs. Seller, I will be taking Wednesday off and you are welcome to send me messages, but I won't respond until Thursday."  That will go down like a bad dose of medicine.  So you resort to a small untruth..."Mr. & Mrs. Seller, I have a class (or procedure, or client in from out of town, or dental work...or whatever you can think of) tomorrow and I will get back with you on Thursday."


Why does the small untruth have to be used at all?  Why can't we Americans accept that taking a day off is not a sign of weakness, but rather a way to regroup and prepare for the next week ahead.  Why is it glamorizing for someone to work two jobs.  Have we Americans become so capitalistic that it has become unacceptable to take a day off?  


Remember when our ancestors that HAD to work 7 days per week and their needs were not thought of by their employer?   If they didn't work, they didn't get paid.  Or worse yet, if they didn't work, they got fired!  Be thankful for the efforts of the organizations that helped legislation make the laws that force employers to think of their workers and allow them to have a day off.  Be aware when something takes longer than you thought it should, that maybe, just maybe, it was due to a day off.  And that's ok.  Think of that the next time you are put-off when you call the Title company and they are at lunch.  What ever you have for them can wait 30 minutes, can't it?  Just food for thought.................


Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!  I hope you find a day to rest!


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Setting boundaries and sticking to them is hard. Our clients do expect us to be at their beck and call. I try to pre-emptively contact them with updates right before I want to take a little time off.

Sep 05, 2015 02:27 AM
Joan Cox
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Deb, I TRY and take Sundays off, but always answer emails and phone calls.  Still feels like a day off if I don't have to get dressed up, makeup, etc.  

Sep 07, 2015 11:39 PM