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Episode 13: Building Your Brand, Cell Videos and What is Quality?

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The Not So Silent Partner Episode 13: Building Your Brand, Cell Phone Video Production and Quality vs. QuantityIt's time for another episode of The Not-So-Silent Partner Marketing!  

In Episode 13, here's what we're discussing:

1.  Are you building your brand properly on social media?

2.  Cell phone video vs. professional video - when should you use which to grow your business?

3.  When you're on a tight timeline....should you go for quality content or quantity of content?

Watch the episode ... or listen to it while driving.  

Share your thoughts in the comments below - and your questions for our next episode.  We love video questions - but we'll take them all.  You can also email your questions to Kyle@thesilentpartnermarketing.com or hit us up on Instagram with them.

With the launch of this segment comes the launch of a new group - The Marketing Maniacs.  I invite anyone with any interest in marketing their businesses to join us.  Share with us your ideas...your questions...your stories...and your headaches.  Let's all learn...and let's all teach.

And now let's do this thing.

*author note: If you're having trouble streaming the video, click on the "HD" button on the video.  It will play the video in standard definition for anyone with slower Internet connections.


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Kyle Reyes is the President and Creative Director of The Silent Partner Marketing, a boutique marketing firm focused on helping businesses grow in an age of exploding technology.
Reyes is an acclaimed Keynote Speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media.
The CEO is a former Producer of News and Special Projects, having worked in broadcast journalism for nearly a decade.  His team offers a marketing one-stop-shop, filling the role of a Chief Marketing Officer and support staff at a fraction of the cost of having to worry about the payroll, taxes, benefits, etc.
Reyes has appeared in multiple media outlets including Aol.Com, Yahoo and Bloomberg Business. 
You can find him on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and SnapChat (@dasilentpartner).  And he wants to connect with you on LinkedIn, so send him a request!

Comments (6)

Joe Petrowsky
Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709 - Manchester, CT
Your Mortgage Consultant for Life

Good morning Kyle. Once again, an outstanding job sharing the answers to the three questions. How much weight was there on those weights? You keep that up, we'll see you next in a weight lifting contest.

Sep 07, 2015 09:45 PM
Kyle Reyes

Joe Petrowsky I'm far too busy carrying a business to have time to carry more weight competitively :)

Sep 07, 2015 09:50 PM
Raymond E. Camp
Ontario, NY

Good morning Kyle,

Thanks for the pointer's this morning.

Make yourself a great day.

Sep 07, 2015 09:51 PM
Bill Roberts
Brooks and Dunphy Real Estate - Oceanside, CA
"Baby Boomer" Retirement Planner

Hi Kyle Reyes I agree it is all abouit quality. Especially with video because it is so easy for them to have an impression of you with a video.

Bill Roberts

Sep 07, 2015 11:43 PM
Nicole Doty - Gilbert Real Estate Expert
Zion Realty - Gilbert, AZ
Broker/Owner of Zion Realty ZionRealtyAZ.com

Come on Kyle, you couldn't have given us even one rep? You had the perfect spotter right there!

Sep 08, 2015 02:47 AM
Stefan Winter
Real Estate in IL & NV | Owner of Real Estate Web Tech | Daily Vlogger - Las Vegas, NV
Owner - Winter Group & Real Estate Web Tech

Great episode, going pro with the about us video was a great tip. 

Have a great week!

Sep 08, 2015 03:58 PM
Kyle Reyes
The Silent Partner Marketing - Manchester, CT

Nicole Doty - Gilbert Real Estate Expert I had already finished the workout for the day - and to be honest, I can't give you more than three reps with that weight!

Sep 08, 2015 11:09 PM