Commercial Permits in Bozeman Up as Businesses Shift West

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The City of Bozeman approved 447 new commercial construction projects—200 more permits than the previous year—highlighting Bozeman’s recent growth on the west end.

City officials confirmed that the west side of town has been the fastest growing and seen the highest rate change in population growth. Bozeman gave out 639 single family home permits in the last two years, with many focused on the west side of town. Businesses have seen the same trends and their shift towards the west end is a smart attempt to attract a less touched market.

As Bozeman’s downtown has become increasingly attractive to both residents and businesses, many other businesses have shifted their gaze to the developing west end of town. This was part of the reason why commercial permits were so high in the last year. Downtown Bozeman properties often require a bit more planning and capital as many require additional construction or renovation. Meanwhile, the west end of town has seen primarily new construction –allowing new businesses to customize the space to their business while taking advantage of a new market. 

City commissioners recently approved a large market space on Bozeman’s west side, highlighting how many people are moving to that section of town.

As Bozeman continues to grow (and apparently westward), planners will need to keep residents close to the standard institutions and amenities in town. So far, it appears they have stayed ahead of the curve, building up both residential and commercial sectors to keep Bozeman an enjoyable, convenient town to live in.



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