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Del Monte Forest/Pebble Beach Botanical Reserve

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Samuel F.B. Morse Botanical Reserve


Last week I hiked the Samuel F.B. Morse Botanical Reserve and although it was the easiest and quickest of all the hikes, it also provided for the most drama…more about that later. You can access the trail off of Congress Road between Bird Rock Road and Chaparral Road. There is room for about 1-2 cars off the side of the road at the trailhead. There is also a sign stating “Samuel F.B. Morse Botanical Reserve”, so it isn’t hard to miss. Right now the entrance is surrounded by some type of fern that is a very pretty shade of green. I plan on contacting someone at the Del Monte Forest Conservancy in the future to find out about what type of fern grows there as I would not mind having that in my yard as the deer apparently don’t like it. The trail is very well maintained and quite wide in spots. Once started it does not take long at all to get deep into the forest and it really is a beautiful hike. The trail is well compacted dirt, not sandy and very easy to keep your balance and footing. It is a gradual climb most of the time, however there are parts where it does get a little steep. The nice thing is that there are rail road ties placed in the trail to create steps which allows one much easier going uphill. I would suggest pausing from time to time just to take in the sounds of the forest. Although you are not far from Congress Road, all I could hear was the chirping of the birds and the wind through the trees, along with an occasional seal bark to remind me that the ocean is not far off. This hike is short and does not afford any dramatic sweeping views. You are deep in the forest for the majority of the trail. The trail will end on a fire road and if you have a map you can continue in the direction of your choice. I did encounter one gentleman who came up the trail and continued on one of the fire roads. I think at the most this hike took me 20 minutes. 10 minutes in and 10 minutes out. When I was almost back at my car is when the drama happened. As I was heading down the trail a family of bobcats was heading up the trail. We saw each other from a distance of about 50 yards and stood and stared in a bit of disbelief. I counted 3-4 until the young ones took off into the forest. The main adult stayed and just watched me as I moved a bit closer to take some pictures. I was able to take a few pictures before this one jumped off the trail into the deep brush. This was a reminder that this is a living forest with animals that call it home. A week before while hiking with my wife and a friend we encountered a group of coyotes that were following a lady on a horse. This was very close to the equestrian center. I was not afraid of the bobcat, but the pack of coyotes did worry me. Now I hike with some pepper spray. I would add that to your list of things to carry. For more information about the forest, go to delmonteforestconservancy.org.

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Hi Patrick,

Since I grew up in Pebble Beach, it's nice to see articles like yours about the nature trails.  One thing that would make your post so much easier to read would be if you break it up into paragraphs, and also add photos like the ones you took of the bobcats you encountered on the SFB Morse trail.  Good luck for continued blogging success!

Sep 17, 2015 03:51 AM