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(Not) For Sale by Owner - Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

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Many people starting the home selling process consider going FSBO – For Sale By Owner. This can seem attractive on the surface because they won’t have to pay the real estate agent’s commission out of the sale price of their home. However, nearly 90% of sellers end up using agents – and for good reason. Check out these 7 advantages to hiring an agent.

  1. An agent will sell your home faster and for a better price. Agents know the market and know how to price a home to sell. Agents know the numbers in your market area and have access to up-to-date information on your neighborhood and comparable homes. When you’re working in an incredibly competitive, constantly shifting market, having this kind of information and an experienced agent on your side will enable you to get your home noticed by the largest pool of buyers as soon as possible. After all, you may have a great home, but if you under or overprice it, you could end up disappointed – or with an unsold home on your hands.
  2. You’ll get a better selection of potential buyers. Not only will your pool of buyers be larger, there’s also a good chance that your home will be viewed by people already willing to pay more for a home. Buyers that choose to house hunt without an agent are typically looking to save money – and chances are, they’re also looking for the biggest savings on a home as well. Selling your home through an agent is likely to end up attracting a much better group of buyers than selling it on your own.
  3. Selling homes is an agent’s job – literally. When you hire an agent, selling your house becomes a priority for them. You likely don’t have the time or expertise to market your home successfully and work with buyers as quickly as possible. You don’t want to lose out on a sale because you weren’t able to respond to a potential buyer quickly enough, or waste your time waiting for interested parties who never show up to view your home. An agent deals with all of this important work for you, leaving you free to continue with your day-to-day tasks and jobs.
  4. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Nobody likes paperwork, and the sale of a home comes with mountains of it. Again, most sellers don’t have the expertise – or time – to deal with all the paperwork and red tape that will be required. For many people, avoiding the paperwork is worth the cost of hiring an agent by itself!
  5. An agent deals with the buyers. Your agent will be primary contact for offers. Selling your home is a stressful and often emotional process. Your agent can provide a buffer between you and the buyers, weeding out those who are wasting your time and dealing with any complications in a professional, efficient manner. You don’t want to lose a deal by responding to a buyer in an amateurish manner.Keller Williams Agent Hendersonville Tennessee
  6. Networking. Agents not only know the market, they know the best people in their business. If your home needs any work, agents can recommend the best contractors in the area. They an also recommend quality inspectors, saving home sellers from wasting money on poor work. Remember, agents rely on having great reputations and referrals – they’ll be sure to only recommend the best.
  7. An agent is bound by license law to act in your best interest. When buyers and sellers work directly together instead of through an agent, there’s no guarantee of them being honest with each other. In fact, it’s expected that each party will work for their own self-interest. However, not only is an agent contractually obligated to act on behalf of their cl
    ent, an agent’s reputation is extremely important in the housing market. This means that doing what’s best for their client is extremely important to them. Having an agent can help ensure that the most honest transaction is occurring.

So, whether you are planning on selling your home in Hendersonville, Nashville, or anywhere else in Middle Tennessee – give the Sell and Stage team at Keller Williams a call today. You’ll be glad you did!


Tara Price

Great blog! I wish more home owner's potentially looking to do it them selves would educate themselves. All they see is big commissions but it's not as easy as it looks to sell your own home, especially when you are uninformed.

Sep 14, 2015 05:09 AM
Will Johnson
Hendersonville, TN
The Sell and Stage Team

Thanks for your comment, Tara!  I absolutely agree -- real estate is harder than it looks!  :)  Many FSBO's think that they'll make up more money by not using an agent, but in truth, they'll most likely have trouble selling, or not get the full amount that their home deserves.

Sep 14, 2015 05:39 AM
Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

This is good reading for prospective home sellers.

Have a most productive autumn.

Sep 23, 2015 04:26 AM
Mel Ahrens, MBA, Kelly Right Real Estate
Kelly Right Real Estate - Hood River, OR
Customized Choices for your Real Estate Needs

FSBO's exist because sellers do not see the value of the commission being paid. Other alternatives exist to the traditional commission compensation system. Flat fee listings, hourly fee for services and real estate consulting are other options available to home sellers.

Real estate agents have been hired for a hundred years in a similar manner. It does not mean it will continue in the same manner going forward. Times change.

A hundred years ago, manned flight was being expanded by creative people looking for new solutions, from waging war to transporting mail, but not yet as mass transportation.  We now have people living in space for long periods of time and routinely transport cargo to them. 


The real estate industry needs to realize the consumer is looking for alternatives to the typical real estate commission compensation system. Over time, we can be sure of one thing, change.  Legacy systems will change over time.  The current real estate commission compensation model is a legacy system.  It will change.  We need to listen to what the client is telling us and work with them to meet their needs by providing alternative solutions.

Oct 19, 2017 12:10 PM