Why customer service is KING ( ACWHOLESALERS )

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Why customer service is KING ( ACWHOLESALERS )


As agents, lenders, etc. we run across bad clients all the time. For us it could be that client that you spend months with only to have them walk into a model home and buy new construction. Yes, buyer rep agreements can be in place and yes, you can go after them for your commission but that's not my point for this blog. 


Years ago (although it has happened several times since) I lost a client to new construction. It was a family that I had spent time, money, and lots of energy on. I had my rep agreements in place and everything. One Sunday they drove around looking at homes (casually) and walked out the door of a model home..... UNDER CONTRACT. I was mad. Very mad. After gaining my composure over some time, I realized that it probably wasn't worth my commission going after them. I decided to take the high road. The commission was pretty hefty. That was a huge blow but taking the high road ended up proving to be the best thing. I congratulated them and even got them a closing gift. Since then, they have referred me to over 5x their purchase amount in buyers and sellers. Had I gone after my original commission, I would have lost not only 5x that amount, but all these new clients as well (which have turned into another referral source). 


When you are happy with customer service you tend to want to tell everyone around you. Had I sued them for my commission then THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD EVERYONE AROUND THEM! 


Recently, I ordered a dehumidifier through acwholesalers.com (on Aug 25th)
Order # A87984976

I received the unit Sept 3rd (9days after ordering). There was a piece that wasn't working so I checked my confirmation email (for the first time) to get the number to call them. Low and behold I was charged $456 for overnight shipping. 

There are two issues with this:

1. I received the unit 9DAYS after my order from ACWHOLESALERS. Not the next day. Their website advertises that the item will be shipped "within 1-2 business days". 

2. I actually didn't WANT to pay for shipping. Since they advertise "free shipping" I decided to use them. I ended up going through their order form THREE times because it kept adding the overnight shipping. Again, I did not want the overnight shipping. 

I have a screenshot that shows where my order from ACWHOLSALERS was prior to hitting submit in case it tried to do it a 3rd time. This last time appeared to be clear. Apparently it wasn't. The most frustrating part is that it would not allow me to uncheck the shipping box. I had to go through the entire process each time. 

I called the number and was denied a refund. However they want to spin it:

1. I did not want or care to have overnight shipping and it took me 30 minutes longer than I would care to be on their website trying to order it WITHOUT paying for shipping. I had to fill out the entire form 3x because it would not let me uncheck the shipping charge.
2. Let's just say that I am trying to pull a fast one on them and am lying. IT STILL TOOK 9 DAYS TO GET HERE. Therefore I paid for "overnight shipping" but instead received 9 day shipping.


This is a bad example of customer service. In this case (and many others), it doesn't seem worth it to keep the money and hope for the best. Me being in the customer service industry, things like this just irretate me to no end. 


For those of us in the sales industry, we are actually in the customer service industry. Sometimes taking a loss is far better in the long run than standing your ground. 


ACWHOLESALERS should learn from companies like Target, Chik Fil A, and Publix. They have all created a brand around top notch customer service. These are companies that we as agents, lenders, appraisers, etc can learn from as well! 

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