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  As we have all heard or read, the dollar has not been doing so well as of late.  But wait, there are signs of things turning around for the dollar.  On Friday, the dollar bounced back against the Euro after hitting a record low against it on Thursday.  The dollar has also bounced back against the Yen.  So how do we know for sure that things will turn around?  We won't until they do obviously.  It is the same thing as people saying they are waiting for the bottom of the market to buy. You never know it is the bottom of the market until it has passed, it is that simple.  You can buy know and get a great interest rate or you can wait and pay top dollar for that home that you have always wanted.  According to the RMLS report for March, home appreciation is up in all areas it reported on in Oregon except for 2.  If you would like to know the exact number for your area, contact me today and I can go over the numbers with you.  Enjoy your day.




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