Looking to sell? Here we find the latest paint colors!

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For those of you looking to sell and trying to decide what colors are all the rage, check out this article I found online.  Like I thought the warmer grays are beating out the beige's while they still are a really good option.  What I found interesting was the bright colors like hot pink are making a comback along with indigo and baby blue.  One thing I found in the artcle as interesting that brushed gold is making its way back...Seriously! Hopefully that will be something that will begin its comback but fade quickly!


So if you are looking to sell...I am not sure if I would rush out and go crazy with the hot pink but do love the soft warm gray colors.


If you interested in what your property might sell for click here.


For more info on the latest paint colors, here is the article I mentioned.




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Olga Simoncelli
Veritas Prime, LLC dba Veritas Prime Real Estate - New Fairfield, CT
CONSULTANT, Real Estate Services & Risk Management

Colors can be emotional, so it's important to select the "right" ones.

Sep 15, 2015 03:52 AM