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Retaining independence is one of the key values sought after by the elderly and disabled. Installing a chairlift is a practical and affordable solution to help increase independence and mobility of the elderly and disabled individuals. Below are numerous benefits suggested by Master Lifts of adding an elderly or disabled stair lift for stairs in your home or your property building.


Increased Value of Property 

Mobility and convenience is not just a concern for the elderly or disabled but also to the family members living with them. Many tenants are in search of mobility access systems. Installing these chairs does not only improve the appeal of your property, but brings a greater pool of clients. An indoor chair lift will go a long way in making your property attractive. You can also increase your rent to cover for the cost of the access systems. By investing in access solutions, you can reap added benefits from house prices when you sell your home. 


Improved Mobility 

This is the main advantage of adding a chair lift or a disabled chair lift. These access systems make it easier for the disabled and elderly to move around. The accessibility option also goes a long way in minimizing injuries and accidents. Stair lifts offer a great deal of independence and freedom. Their presence also eliminates the need to build an extension or convert various rooms in the house to increase ease of movement. This means that you and your loved ones can remain in the home where you love despite the physical ailments and mobility issues. The lifts are also easy to fit and in just a few hours you can regain convenience in all the rooms. 



Chair lifts come in different lengths so as to fit into different types of staircases. Once you decide on a particular chair lift, qualified personnel will be sent to measure your house, the angle and length of your staircase. The person will also check if there is sufficient space both at the top and the bottom of the stair case. Some of the questions you can expect to be asked is if you are right or left handed. Prior to installing an elderly or disabled chair lift for stairs, they will ask if you have any difficulties lifting your feet at normal height and if you can get out of a chair on your own. They will also consider the style of the doors and all the power points before recommending the best chair and giving you a stair lift price. 


Value for Money 

Modern chair lifts are reliable, quiet and easy to control. A remote control can be used to control the chair when navigating the stairs. The footrest and seat and designed with comfort in mind to give a smooth ride. They also have a stop and soft start design. This is to eliminate a jolt when the stair lift starts or stops. The general design on most of the chair lifts is that they have park points normally in the middle and end of the track. The chair lift recharges it battery when it is at these park points. This means that the chair lift is always ready for use. If the user parks the chair in another place apart from the designated park points, the chair makes a beeping sound to alert the user to park it in the right place. 


Technology and Safety 

Modern chair lifts also have the latest safety features. Among them is a speed governor that regulates the speed, especially when going down stairs. The over-speed governor is also essential in the event of a system or component failure. You can also get a chair with a swivel seat which can be taken off when it is not needed. Another safety feature includes a DC power; this technology ensures that the main cable does not trail along in a way that it can cause an electric shock. 

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As we boomers get older I think we will see more chair lifts. The cost is reasonable for the benefit they provide.

Sep 16, 2015 04:14 AM
Sarah Smith
Property Investment Wise - Las Vegas, NV
Making It Rain On The Regular

Yes David Gibson you can never skimp out on the home improvements that make home all the more comforting. Even if it doesn't necessarily add to the real estate value.

Sep 16, 2015 01:37 PM