Montana Improving Internet Speeds in Schools

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Thanks to a partnership by the state government and an internet based non-profit organization, Montana Schools can look forward to having much faster internet in future years.

Montana will partner with Education Super Highway to help get state schools federal assistance and upgrade their broadband infrastructure. Currently, as many as 160 K-12 schools across Montana lack fiber optic cables that are needed for high speed internet connections. Rural schools struggle in particular due to their isolation. Education Super Highway specializes in gaining federal grants to help schools lay fiber optic wires or fund broadband upgrades. However, schools still need to pay for 10% of their costs. Having the state government jump on board will help pay for those additional costs to schools in need.

Bozeman schools obviously have internet access. However the size of some schools, coupled with their network capabilities often leads them to having slower than ideal internet. By partnering with Education Super Highway, even well established schools like Bozeman High School will have the opportunity to improve their internet infrastructure. The Bozeman School District does a great job keeping up with technology--last year they purchased Chromebooks for use by students--and this new project will only improve technology access in Bozeman schools. The City of Bozeman has also worked hard to install fiber optic cables around town--something that will also benefit nearby schools who can connect into that infrastructure.

Schools will not know how much the internet upgrades might cost until they have been reviewed on an individual basis. Having improved internet across the state and specifically in Gallatin County schools will continue to attract young families to the area. Any parent wants to give their child the best education possible. Having access to a tool like the internet is a must have in this modern age—having its capabilities fully optimized can’t hurt either!





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