Today’s Real Estate Agent Is Becoming More And More Dispensable...

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In order to implement the right solutions we have to identify the real problems facing agents and Brokers in today’s real estate market. Here's one of the many challenges agents and Brokers have to overcome today:


Today’s real estate agent is becoming more and more dispensable.


This is unfortunate but it is a fact. Never before has technology and the internet made it so easy for buyers and sellers to do processes that used to be exclusive to the agent’s role.


From searching the internet for property, to for sale by owner sites, to being able to get contract documents from nearly any title company or attorney, the more a buyer or seller can do themselves, the less they need a real estate agent for.


Once the buyer or seller understands the autonomy available using today’s technology and advantages, a few other things may happen…


One, the buyer or seller could ask you for a fee reduction. Why not? The buyers and sellers know real estate market is down and most agents need sales and commissions. Why not ask the prospective agent for a fee reduction?


If you haven’t noticed, many agents and brokerages are marketing a reduction of fees or the 1% listings. How do you effectively compete with these reductions while making money for you and your family? I don’t know either.


Second, the buyer or seller could make you prove your value. In addition to asking for a fee reduction, the buyer or seller will actually want you to prove you are valuable enough to work with. “What else can you do for me?” they ask. Nearly all real estate agents have the same access to the same tools. We’ve all been through the same education and the same continuing education. There are so many similarities and very few distinguishable differences. How can you make yourself stand out in the crowded room?

Third, the buyer or seller could think they can do it on their own without an agent. “With all of this online technology, why can’t I save myself 3% and do for sale by owner?” a prospective seller asks. After all, with equity disappearing in many local real estate markets, do sellers have a lot of extra equity to use for real estate commissions? Ask a seller who is upside down in his or her mortgage and you will find the answer.


How you can overcome this...


You need a niche that automatically sets you apart from the crowded real estate room and information overloaded internet that will instantly identify your value and show your prospective client you have the knowledge to help them solve their problem, get their needs met, all while none of the same is apparent with the other agents in the crowded room.  

By having this niche, your services will be sought after in today’s real estate market!


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Les & Sarah Oswald
Realty One Group - Eastvale, CA
Broker, Realtor and Investor

The secret to our continued success is to find a niche and stand apart from the crowd.

Sep 16, 2015 01:13 PM