Drainage Issues During El Nino. Connecting The Dots & Peace of Mind.

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Drainage Issues During El Nino.

Connecting The Dots & Peace of Mind.


Part 4


In Part 4 we will discuss what you as a Real Estate Professional or Industry Stakeholder and/or Resident/homeowner, can and should do to protect your home and property and mitigate against heavy and in some cases total loss. But first let's briefly review Parts 1-3 in order to give you a refresher course and complete overview of all the steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish this.


In Part I, "California Residents! How Seriously Are You Taking El Nino?" "The Things That Hang Above"we discussed the importance of free flowing rain gutters designed to catch the water shed from rain on your roof and escort it to the downspouts positioned around strategic locations on your roof and carry it down to a free flowing surface or French drain that will divert it to your storm drain system.



In Part 2, "What California Needs To know About The Coming El Nino. How To Prepare" Causes and Effects. Drainage Is Everything From The Top of Your Home To The Bottom, Around, Under and All The Way To The Storm Drain.


We discussed clogged, broken and/or ineffective drainage components and what you need to do to repair or replace these components in order to insure proper and uninterrupted flow paths from your French and Surface drain system to the storm drain system that ultimately carries the excess water runoff away from your property and to the storm drain system.




In Part 3 "How The Coming El Nino Could Impact Your Home" we discussed how ignoring long term drainage issues could damage your entire home over a period of time and how insurance companies don't always cover these damages as they are deemed chronic long term issues brought about by homeowner neglect.


I've seen entire homes literally "Red Tagged" , condemned and declared un inhabitable leaving an entire family out in the cold.


In many if not most cases residents are not even allowed to enter their home to collect valuables or clothing to keep you warm. Tragically this happens all to often during and immediately after a crisis occurs.


We discussed how long term drainage and dampness will eventually have its way at the end of the day. Moisture leads to mold and mildew issues and what the average insurance policy holder doesn't always understand is that HOMEOWNER/RESIDENT NEGLECT IS NOT COVERED!





Now that you have taken the time to review Parts 1-3 it's time to tie all the ends together by presenting these final graphics. Let's assume you have taken heed to the advice given in Part 1 and 2 and cleaned, unclogged, repaired or replaced your roof gutters and downspouts.


You are now ready to take the next step by connecting them to a properly designed and installed combination Surface & French Drain System that will complete the circuit by catching the water runoff from your roof gutters and downspouts and escorting it to the storm drain system or at least to the street gutters that will carry the water to the storm drains placed intermittently along most streets.



The graphic above is a plan or birds-eye view of a combined French and surface drain system. The graphic below is a cross or elevation section detail of what a properly installed French Drain should look like and how it should be built.


If you are an experienced drainage professional or contractor you could take on this task. However, for most residents and/or homeowners who are not the "hands on" type we strongly suggest that you use a licensed, bonded and insured contractor who specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of proper and effective drainage from your Roof Gutter and Downspouts down to your Surface and French Drain System all the around, under and on your property to the Storm Drain System that will ultimately escort the water away from your property permanently.     



Finally and most importantly there is one other task that must be performed on a regular basis or at least every year before the storm season starts be it an El Nino event or just a normal winter. That's ongoing INSPECTION & MAINTENANCE. 





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Comments (2)

Ronald DiLalla
Century 21 Discovery DRE 01813824 - Anaheim, CA
No. Orange Cty Real Estate

Good morning John,,,,the first thing I looked for when I purchase a home is there proper drainage.  Thanks for sharing wth us.

Sep 18, 2015 03:55 AM
John DL Arendsen
CREST "BACKYARD' HOMES, ON THE LEVEL General & Manufactured Home Contractor, TAG Real Estate Sales & Investments - Leucadia, CA
Crest Backyard Homes "ADU" dealer & RE Developer

Ronald DiLalla Good to hear. You'd be surprised to know how many RE professionals and stakeholders don't, won't or gloss over these issues whence marketing a property. 

Sep 18, 2015 04:21 AM