The best kept secrets in town, it is all about the FSBO sign!

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As you drive through a neighborhood you may see the trees swaying in the gentle breeze or that paper cup blowing down the side of the road or even that sharp car that just zipped by you, but are you noticing the things you need to be noticing? It comes down to looking for the best kept secrets in town. What do I mean by that statement?

So often than not when I drive an area, I see FSBO - for sale by owner signs that can easily be missed if you are not looking for them. Not everyone goes to the store to purchase those bright orange and black for sale signs or red and white signs with a nice stand to lift the sign off the ground. When you go through neighborhoods look for the hidden signs and you may find some of the best kept secrets and maybe even deals in your own town.

The two most common places for the un-noticed for sale by owner signs:

1. The sign is located in the window of the home.  It may seem like people do not want their sign stolen so they put it in the window of the house.   

2. A small sign in the grass usually on a paint stick with the grass growing over the sign so you can't read the sign or phone number.

I have seen these type of signs so many times in all parts of the country. So when you driving down the street keep an eye open for the small for sale signs.  Sometimes the motivated sellers are so worried about someone stealing their sign they want to put it in the window where it will be safe but they are missing out on potential buyers.  Good luck finding that next deal. It is the start of the weekend so go look for some hidden gems. Believe and Achieve! :) Joe 

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