Are you generating leads with Facebook?

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It's a simple question really and I know that I am not the first person to ask it. I have seen the question Left Facebook Panelposed in many ways by many people. The truth is that many of us post all kinds of things about our business to our personal profiles and the effect that it seems to have is that people get tired of all the ads and stop following you. Now that most of us have caught on I see a lot of agents and mortgage professionals posting interesting things to their pages like historic sites, great places to eat, or local entertainment. That is a much better approach. Better yet you may even have a dedicated business page to post all of those interesting things to... But, is it generating leads? It very well could be. I get a handful of leads from my business page but I have found a much better way to procure leads that won't annoy people and best of all you can talk up your business all day long. 

Maybe I am late to the party and you are all already doing this but if you aren't you should be. I actually stumbled across this technique while I was still working with my previous lender. We hired a young recent college grad as an assistant. The younger generation is already wise to the most effective way(s) to use Facebook and other social media platforms.

I mentioned that it's a simple question but the answer is just as simple. GROUPS!!! Those caps are intentional because I cannot shout this loud enough. There are likely some massive real estate groups in your area full of people looking for your services. My favorite here is North Country Homes for Sale but I post to others as well. Everyone in those groups are there because they want to find and purchase a new home. Many of them are in need of financing as well. Noone in the group will get annoyed about you posting a listing or even generic info about your services.

Search groups in your area, join as many as possible, and start posting. I still generate leads in lots of other ways but nothing compares to the volume of leads that I get from Facebook groups. I said that it was simple and it really is simple as that.

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