Can Babies and Burning Houses Lead to More Cash in Your Business?

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Your marketing message does not always have to be about the real estate market.  Making a connection with your prospects and sphere of influence is simple.  Share information via your marketing that is useful and needed by everyone.  Topics like "Family Safety Tips" is an excellent reason to contact your marketing list.  Sharing tips forgotten and overlooked can be an excellent way to show your audience that you care about them as human beings and the information shared just might make a serious difference in someones life.


Dad kissing baby

"Is Your Family Protected?" is an excellent question to ask prospects via your marketing.  This topic allows you to share useful information on "protecting" ones two most important investments, family and home.  Share fire safety tips that assist your audience in "Protecting" his family from harm during a possible fire.  Maybe share insurance tips from a trusted insurance agent referral source on how to protect your family with the right life insurance plan.  Put a call to action in your message for a free insurance analysis by your referral partner.  Ask he return the favor by sharing  your home buying tips with his sphere of influence.  


The marketing possibilities are endless when you use your real estate marketing to help people live better lives.  When you focus on delivering useful information anyone can use in life, you don't have to worry about someone being in the market today to buy a home.  Anyone who receives your marketing message will appreciate the fact you cared enough to take out the time to share information that could better their life.


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Marketing your real estate business with the sincere spirit of "helping your community" will always yield a positive return on investment.  People will remember your name because you show that you "care" and it's not always about the money.  


Take your real estate agent hat off for a minute.  How would you feel if you received one of the above postcards in the mail?  What if you saw the above images, but it was a Facebook Ad.  Would you click to see what the ad was all about?  Please share your comments below. 


Sharing tips and strategies to help your audience protect their family....Now that's "Real Estate Success!"


Michael Oden

Market Creatively.  Build Your Community.  Grow Your Business.

That's #RealEstateSuccess ! 


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